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July 9, 2019

Announcing the Launch of OBSBOT Tail 4K AI-powered Camera

Shenzhen, China, June. 10, 2019 -- REMO TECH Co. Ltd., creators of artificial intelligence brand OBSBOT, is set to launch their flagship AI camera OBSBOT Tail on 12th June 2019 worldwide.

Shenzhen, China, June. 10, 2019 -- REMO TECH Co. Ltd., creators of artificial intelligence brand OBSBOT, is set to launch their flagship AI camera OBSBOT Tail on 12th June 2019 worldwide.


OBSBOT Tail uses AI-based subject recognition to detect and track people & pets with unprecedented accuracy. Offering half a dozen filming modes that autonomously capture memorable candid moments using its patented AI imaging algorithms, which gives the liberty of handsfree operations to video creators. 


In January 2019, OBSBOT Tail was first introduced to crowd-funding community of and during the campaign it raised a whopping 800% more money than its initial goal. It was mostly taken by artists and video creators because of it’s ability to keep tracking the subject and continue recording in 4K without having someone to hold, tilt or zoom while making YouTube videos, recording their stage performance, lectures, pets etc.


We’re really happy to release OBSBOT Tail for every creator worldwide, this changes the benchmarks of utility led AI devices and quality standards in imaging said Bo Liu, CEO and Founder of REMO TECH. From first day of Kickstarter campaign we maintained that OBSBOT is here to change the way world creates videos, giving more freedom and power to it’s users


OBSBOT Tail will be available to purchase for a retail price of USD 719 for United States, for other markets the pricing may vary a little as per the local taxation. Customers can order using from Remo Tech’s official global online store <> and receive the delivery in next two weeks. It is also be sold online via, details will be confirm soon.


In box items : - Camera will come bundled with a free cover case, 16gb micro sd card and type c charging cable.


Optional items : - Along with the AI camera OBSBOT Tail, Remo Tech has also introduced an accessory Eco-system having tripods, wall & chest mounts, microphones and fast charger.


Here are the important specifications of OBSBOT Tail

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With the wave of change gripping the imaging industry, sparked by the introduction of artificial intelligence technology, OBSBOT as an innovative global brand leading AI imaging strives to break technological barriers and inspire the way people record their lives.


With the first flagship product ‘OBSBOT Tail’ the brand offers a radical new way to easily capture footage with an all-in-one AI camera, capable of tracking, auto-zoom and gesture control, empowering you to be your own actor and director. OBSBOT Tail, first unveiled at CES 2019, where it was acclaimed as an “Innovation That Stole the Show" by Variety Magazine, while Slashgear hailed it as the "Best Content Creation Equipment" at CES. The OBSBOT Tail was also pegged as one of the “Coolest Tech” by USA Today, followed by The Verge who also featured it as one of the "Best Creator Tools.”



The media kit can be accessed here.


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