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Your Vlog Magician

Obsbot Studio App is not only a console for OBSBOT Tail, but also supports real-time image transmission. From beauty/filter during video recording to live broadcast, it helps you with rich video post-editing ability, 3D-LUT color matching and footage sharing on the go.

  • Filters Apply filters directly during the video shooting process to avoid tedious post-editing processes.
  • 3D-LUT color adjustment Get access to a professional color palette on your mobile device to ensure real color presentation.
    (Please pay attention to the official update of OBSBOT.)
  • One-touch horizontal and vertical display switching Switch between horizontal and vertical display during live stream with just one tap in more settings
    (Supports 16:9 display switching and photo shooting at 4:3 and 1:1 ratio.)
  • Mirror video Supports mirror image in real-time or post editing for dance practice or solo video shots

Live stream The supporting App provides a variety of post-editing and seamless social sharing functions, enabling users to become fully independent creators.


Auto-Director AI Camera

Obsbot Tail
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