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I always got the "incorrect password" noticification when connecting to the device WiFi, while I did enter correct password.
Due to the firmware bug the WiFi password may sometimes be reset. Please reboot the device and try to reconnect it if encouter this issue. Let us know if it happens frequently and we'll help solve it.
Why I can't hear any voice in my filmed video?
OBSBOT Tail doesn't have the build-in micro, so it requires the external mircrphone to be connected with.
Why it take so much time to full charging the camera?
The standard input power of OBSBOT Tail is 5V/2A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A and require to meet QC 2.0 protocal. You need to use compatible adaptor then can charging the device with faster speed.
Why there's so much digital noise in my video ?
Under low light condition or with black background camera will automatically lifting ISO to make the video content more clear. We recommend you to supplement the light or increase EV / lower down ISO manually to get better image quality. If still have this issue then please upload the problem video to let us check.
Why does my camera keep swinging since opened?
Please check the indicator status and ensure whether AI module upgrade failed during firmware upgrading. If is please reboot the device and do upgrade again. Had all measures been done.
Why is my gesture failed to be identified constantly?
Please check your pose and distance from the camera. OBSBOT Tail can better identify your gesture with distance of 4-5 meters ( longer distance if the lens zooms out, we recommend you use gesture control in suggested distance, which can improve the identification effiency.
Why is my SD card filled up soon? Can I use other SD card in OBSBOT Tail?
4K video will take up large storage space so the card is easy to be filled up. You can use other SD card with larger memory space in OBSBOT Tail. Suggestted SD card with maximum memory capacity of 256G above standard Class-10/UHS-1.
I've entered into filming page but it keeps pop out loading icon and the video is lagging.
Please check you connection & network status to ensure everygthing works normal, if video still lagging then please switch your WiFi Band to 5G.
I've connected to OBSBOT Tail, but the screen goes black and I can't see anything.
This problem are because the video image failed to transmit to your phone. Please check your network and device condition (reconnect to the device when WiFi connection was diabled or device indicator shows red), switch off celluar and other software may affect data transmition (Such like VPN). Had all measures above been taken but problem still exist, please help provide your phone model, system version and firmware version no. to let us further check.
I can't get OBSBOT WiFi on my phone.
Due to the different WiFi band frequency standard of each country/region, the WiFi band on your region might not compatible with OBSBOT. You may directly inform us about this issue and our engineer will working on to solve it.
I can't connect with OBSBOT WiFi, it always shows " internet not available", why ?
OBSBOT Tail adopted independent WiFi access point and can not connect to the internet, you may directly back to the app and enter into filming page.