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OSC (Open Sound Control) is a flexible communication protocol used for interaction between computers and multimedia devices across a variety of applications.

The OBSBOT OSC standard protocol is based on the touchOSC protocol. It can be applied to the OBSBOT Center App (software) and OBSBOT Tail Air (hardware). The OSC application on OBSBOT Center is compatible with the OBSBOT Tiny series (Tiny, Tiny 4K, Tiny 2, Tiny 2 Lite), OBSBOT Meet series (Meet, Meet 4K), and OBSBOT Tail Air. However, when using the OSC protocol with OBSBOT Center, the software must be running.

Additionally, the OSC can be independently applied to OBSBOT Tail Air.

Learn more about the TouchOSC


Following are the commands of the OBSBOT OSC

OSC for OBSBOT Center
OSC for OBSBOT Tail Air

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OSC commands for OBSBOT Center (Compatible with OBSBOT Tiny series, Meet series and Tail Air):

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OSC commands for OBSBOT Tail Air (Currently available for OBSBOT Tail Air)