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In 2019
We Created the World’s First
AI-Powered PTZ Webcam
And Now, We
Take a Leap Forward
with More Breakthroughs
Welcome to the
New Era of Webcam
New Era of Webcam
AI-Powered 4K Webcam
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Never-Before-Seen Video Quality in Webcam
Don’t Settle with “Good Enough”
Ultra Large 1/1.5’’ CMOS
Embedded with a 1/1.5’’ CMOS, OBSBOT Tiny 2 delivers a leap in video performance, pushing the video quality in the webcam industry beyond the edge to a new level. Video quality is no longer just “Good enough”.
Unparalleled 4K Video
4K shouldn’t be just about pixel quantity, combining the 1/1.5’’ CMOS and OBSBOT camera calibration technology, OBSBOT Tiny 2 brings sharper detail, higher dynamic range, and more natural color, as they are seen in the natural world.
Take a Leap in 4K Video Quality
With the ultra large CMOS in Webcam product, OBSBOT Tiny 2 blow other 4K webcam out of the water, delivering a sharper, more vivid video to your audiences.
Tiny 2
Dual Native ISO for Day and Night
Combining two native ISOs in one CMOS, OBSBOT Tiny 2 can automatically switch to the proper ISO in different lighting situations, achieving exceptional imaging in both dim and glaring lighting conditions.
Dual Native ISO
In Glaring Lighting Conditions, it will switch to the lower native ISO, recording subjects in all their natural color without any overexposing, making sure every bit of the video is just right, just authentic.
PixGain HDR「1」
Thanks to the Dual Native ISO Technology, OBSBOT Tiny 2 can take two pictures at the Same Time to eliminate the time difference. As a result, OBSBOT Tiny 2 provides an HDR video without any motion blur, providing you the realistic and sharp video.
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All-Pixel Auto Focus
With the revolutionary All-Pixel Auto Focus Technology, a remarkable improvement over PDAF, every pixel on the 50-megapixel sensor surface contributes to accurate and 4X faster focusing, even in low light.
Traditional Webcam
All-Pixel Auto Focus
Tradition Auto Focus
Get Ready in a Second
with Beauty Mode
OBSBOT Tiny 2 comes with Beauty Mode, which smooths your skin and brightens your eyes in just one second. Save yourself from all those troublesome makeups, just one click, you are ready to go.
Uncompressed and Low Latency Video
OBSBOT Tiny 2 upgraded the USB port to USB 3.0, with a ten times faster transmission speed and broader bandwidth, it can transmit 1080p video without any compression and re-encoding.
AI-Powered Features
Now It’s Even Smarter
Auto Tracking with Auto Zoom
OBSBOT Tiny 2 inherited the accurate and fluid tracking technology from OBSBOT's highly regarded deep neural learning network algorithm. And more, now it can even auto-adjust the zoom setting during tracking.
Auto Zoom on
Auto Zoom off
Hands-Free Voice Control
Control the OBSBOT Tiny 2 with just your voice, even if your hand is full.
List of Voice Commands
Hi, Tiny: Awake OBSBOT Tiny 2 from sleep mode
Sleep, Tiny: Put OBSBOT Tiny 2 into Sleep mode
Position One: Move to the preset position one, if you didn’t add a preset position, then the camera will not response to your command.
Position Two: Move to the pre-set position two, if you didn’t add a preset position, then the camera will not response to your command.
Position Three: Move to the pre-set position three, if you didn’t add a preset position, then the camera will not response to your command.
Zoom In Closer: Zoom in
Zoom Out Further: Zoom out
Track Me: select and start tracking the target in the view of the camera
Unlock Me: Stop tracking the person
Note: Voice Control only supports English and Chinese. To avoid accidentally triggering voice commands, it requires a 1-second period of silence before the voice command.
product image
“Position one”
“Hi, Tiny”
“Zoom In Closer”
“Sleep, Tiny”
“Zoom Out Further”
“Position three”
“Track Me”
“Unlock Me”
“Hi, Tiny”
“Track Me”
Magical Gesture
Control 2.0
Don’t want to disturb the speech? Control the OBSBOT Tiny 2 in silence with your hands.
Dynamic Zoom in/out
Select/Cancel Target
4x Zoom In/Out
Remotely Control
With a Controller
The upgraded OBSBOT Tiny Smart Remote 2 combines a presentation clicker and webcam remote control to easily control a multi-cam setup and preset positions.
Convey Inspiration with Your Crafting
Express your inspiration with your crafting! Make your painting or writings the focus! After millions of training, OBSBOT’s deep learning neural algorithm can now directly track your hand.
Present Properly with Desk Mode
Simply click the button on the App, OBSBOT Tiny 2 will automatically bend and crop the image to perfect view, now presenting your ideas properly to your audiences.
Whiteboard Mode
Using the remote controller, you can easily capture your whiteboard content with OBSBOT Tiny 2. Simply point the remote at the whiteboard and push the Whiteboard button - the camera will automatically crop the frame to ensure that the whiteboard is the focus of the shot.
Keep the Focus on What’s Matters
Keep everyone focused on the right person, and protect your privacy simultaneously.
Note: The Virtual Background feature is not available on Mac computers using Intel chips.
Feel Free to Be AFK, You Are Covered
Another upgrade from OBSBOT’s unique feature, now meets the upgraded Privacy Protection 2.0. You can pre-set a video or picture with the OBSBOT Center (Formerly OBSBOT WebCam) App, and after you enter the privacy mode, the camera will automatically stream the pre-set video or picture. Now feel free to leave, and your message will be there with your audience.
Just a Tile, No Trouble At All
Or Just Wait, Why so Hurry
Place and Start With Ease
Dual Omni-directional
Microphone with
Noise Reduction
Besides the excellent video quality, your voice should be included. Thanks to the OBSBOT Tiny 2’s optimum microphone system, every bit of your voice will be heard clearly without any noise.
Various Placement Methods
With the precious crafted metal mount, OBSBOT Tiny 2 can be placed in various methods.
Shoot in the Way You like
Landscape shooting
Portrait shooting
Downward shooting
Up-side-down shooting
Master Your Own OBSBOT Tiny 2
Discover more valuable features with the tools that we prepared for you to develop your own “OBSBOT Tiny 2”.
Global Hotkey
Expedite common operations, and make the control more arbitrary.
Dedicate Remote Controller
Remotely control the OBSBOT Tiny 2 without hassle.
Enhance control of OBSBOT Tiny 2 for developers and musicians with greater flexibility.
Stream Deck
Expand your streaming setup with OBSBOT Tiny 2's Elgato Stream Deck compatibility.
Use SDK to opens up OBSBOT Tiny 2's endless extensibility via the creativity of developer that wants to enhance powerful capabilities of the device.
Control, and Enhance Your Meeting With
OBSBOT Center App
(Formerly OBSBOT WebCam)

Dedicatedly designed for OBSBOT Webcams to enhance the meeting experience and also to more intelligent control.
Control with Ease
Enhance Video Quality
Beauty Mode
More Smart Functions
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Supports Windows® 10 and above, macOS® 11 and above.
OBSBOT Tiny Smart Remote 2
The upgraded OBSBOT Tiny Smart Remote 2 combines a presentation clicker and webcam remote control to easily control a multi-cam setup and preset positions
OBSBOT Tiny Smart Remote 2
OBSBOT UVC to HDMI Adapter 2nd Gen
OBSBOT Tiny 2 Adjustable Mount
USB-C 3.0 cable & USB-C to USB-A 3.0 Adapter
Extendable Tripod
HQ Mic
OBSBOT Tiny 2 Storage Case
User Scenarios
Remote Class
Video Meeting
Live Streaming
Home WorkSpace Setup
New Era of Webcam
1/1.5’’ CMOS
Auto Tracking with Auto Zoom
Dynamic Gesture Control
Voice Control
4x Faster Focusing
USB 3.0
Premium Microphone
Beauty Mode
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