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AI-Powered 4K
PTZ Streaming Camera
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Rolling down
Mastermind On Air
Integrating OBSBOT’s most powerful AI technologies and superior image system into an elegant and classical body, OBSBOT Tail Air could bring you the next-level video streaming experience with the industry-advanced AI Auto Tracking and excellent Multi-Cam setup, mastermind your every moment and unleash your maximum creativity, right on Air.
AI Auto Tracking
Human / Animal / Object
4K Resolution
4K PTZ Camera
Diverse Setup
Mobile / Tablet / Computer
Smart Remote
Motion Control / Three Devices Control
PoE Connection / Wireless Connection
Multi-Cam Setup
The Tiniest 4K PTZ Camera
is Now on
For Breathtaking Video
8 Pieces Lenses
for less distortion
ƒ/1.8 Aperture
to bring more lights in
2μm Pixel Size
to enhance low light shooting
Immersive 4K Resolution Shooting
OBSBOT Tail Air shoots videos in 4K@30FPS and 1080P@60FPS, providing 4 times the resolution than HD videos, which allows more detailed footage and greater potential for editing and livestreaming.
Watch UHD Video
Catch the Starlight in the Darkness
Thanks to the enlarged 2μm pixel size and advanced camera components, OBSBOT Tail Air is able to gather more light, capture brighter frames, reveal finer details, and produce less noise videos. More detailed images can be clearly presented even in challenging dim environments.
Low light video performance
Fabulous. Fast. Focus.
Utilizing TOF(Time of Flight) technology, OBSBOT Tail Air can precisely calculate the Time of Flight and accurately measure the distance between the camera and the target. This advanced feature enhances focus efficiency in both bright and low-light shooting by emitting a beam of infrared light.
AI Capabilities
on Air!
Besides the algorithm-upgraded AI Auto Tracking, there is also the new Gesture Control 2.0. Additionally, the intelligent AI Director Grids is added to efficiently manage the outputted video image.
Your Always-on Cameraman
Activate Human Tracking and OBSBOT Tail Air will smoothly follow the subject, freeing you from gimbal adjustments. The intelligent tracking algorithm seamlessly keeps the subject in frame, enabling hands-free operation to concentrate on capturing outstanding video.
Explore Human Tracking
Bring Your Buddy into the Spotlight![1]
OBSBOT Tail Air has succeeded and enhanced the pet tracking function from the OBSBOT Tail. The improved Animal Tracking feature is now more accurate and intelligent than ever before, making it easier to show off your beloved cat, dog, or horse companions in your shot videos.
Track Anything You Like
Activate the Object Tracking feature on OBSBOT Tail Air and discover endless creative possibilities. There is nothing you can't track, only targets you've never imagined before. It's time to explore new tracking targets and bring your innovative ideas to life!
Discover Tail Air's Tracking Performance
Long Distance Tracking
Low Light Tracking
High Speed Tracking
Obstacle-Free Tracking
Tail Air's tracking performance works well either in long distance condition, get yourself free from the limited tracking space.
Manage the Moment in Multi View
Activate AI Director Grids feature, OBSBOT AI algorithm will automatically divide the captured video into different grids in real time, such as AI Auto Framing grid and Preset Positions preview, etc. Click the grid where you want it on Air to swiftly manage your live stream image.
More Features
Magic Happens Without Wand
Effortlessly manage your OBSBOT Tail Air with intuitive Gesture Control 2.0 to simplify video shooting process. The newly-added dynamic gestures enable seamless and precise zoom adjustments, while the "ok" gesture allows you to remotely start/stop recording.
Start recording/Stop recording
Lock target/Unlock target
Zoom in/Zoom out
Dynamic zoom in/zoom out
Like Never
Evolving from previous OBSBOT products, Tail Air has been designed to strike the perfect balance between compact size, versatile connectivity, and NDI support for being a well-compatibility streaming camera.
Start Your Livestream on
iconiconiconiconiconiconiconiconiconiconiconicon etc.
Video Output
Controllable Via
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NDI Connection Arrived![2]
NDI is one of the most advanced video technologies that merges high-quality, low-latency video, audio, controls, and metadata into one stream. Tail Air, which is compatible with NDI via wireless and Ethernet connections, offers endless potential for creating efficient, easy-to-use live streams on a network for single or multi-camera setups.
NDI Solution Methods
Multiple Interfaces Bring Productivity
OBSBOT Tair Air comes with several built-in interfaces that allow it to have abundant compatibility. You can output its video signal directly to a screen or integrate it seamlessly into your current live stream workflow.
Micro HDMI Port
Use the cable for outputting the fluent HDMI video signal for up to 4K@30fps and 1080P@60fps for supervising the image, and get it involved into your workflow
USB-C Port
The USB-C port on Tail Air is incredibly efficient, offering data transmission and power supply capabilities along with the option to turn Tail Air into a high-quality webcam.
Ethernet Connection
With a USB-C to Ethernet adapter, you can connect Tail Air to an Ethernet cable for enhanced connectivity. Furthermore, PoE (Power over Ethernet) support takes Tail Air's capabilities to the next level.

*Note: Wired Ethernet connection requires the dedicated USB-C to Ethernet Adapter for Tail Air.
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More Extraordinary Applications Support
Get your Tail Air on Air with our range of software solutions. Designed for different platforms and scenarios, Obsbot Live, Obsbot Start, and OBSBOT Center let you control, manage, and fine-tune your live streaming experience.
Explore Obsbot Start
About OBSBOT Center
Coming Soon
Mastermind Multi-Cam Control
Discover brand new Multi-Cam live streaming with Obsbot Live. This innovative mobile App offers PTZ control, AI Auto Tracking features, and real-time streaming for up to three OBSBOT Tail Air devices simultaneously.
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More Productive Features on OBSBOT Cloud
Unlock more productive features to enhance your live stream workflow. With Pre-set Mode, Multistreaming, and more, it's easier to discover and unlock a wide range of possibilities with OBSBOT Cloud!
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Powered Up
Utilize the powerful accessories of OBSBOT Tail Air for a variety of livestreaming scenarios and expand Tail Air's applicabilities to have longer endurance, better compatibility and cozier control methods.
Smart Remote Controller
Being a must-have accessory with no app required, the Smart Remote Controller could be a magnificent helper for your livestream workflow. With PTZ control, preset positions, and AI features, plus the extra motion control, customizable button, and much more, it enhances massively your livestream experience in a touchable way.
Dive Deeper
360° Rotation Play-More Combo
Including 1 360° Rotation base, 2 removable batteries, and 1 charging hub, the 360° Rotation Play-More Combo helps you achieve real 360° rotation to capture amazing shots in various scenarios. It also extends the endurance of the Tail Air device to over 7 hours, allowing you to get rid of power anxiety and enjoy a smooth shooting experience with no angle limit.
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USB-C to Ethernet Adapter
Designed specifically for the connection between OBSBOT Tail Air device and wired network, providing stable and smooth gigabit ethernet connectivity in compact and friendly appearance.
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OBSBOT Tail Air Smart Remote Controller
OBSBOT Smart Remote Controller lets you extend more possibilities to control your Tail Air device freely without installation of the Application. With connection via bluetooth, you can now manage up to 3 Tail Air devices for your livestreaming workflow.
OBSBOT Tail Air Smart Remote Controller
360° Rotation Play-more Combo
USB-C to Ethernet Adapter
Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable
NDI License Key
ND Filters Set
Chest Mount
Extendable Tripod
Suction Cup Mount
More Scenarios to Set up Tail Air
Live Show
Content Creation
House of Worship
Explore Solutions
Live Music
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Live Billiard Video
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AI-Powered 4K PTZ Streaming Camera
NDI Support
AI Auto Tracking
UHD 4K Resolution
Exclusive Application
Tiniest 4K PTZ Camera
Smart Remote Controller
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The initial version of Animal Tracking supports tracking for cats, dogs, and horses. We are continuously working on expanding compatibility to include more animals.
1. The NDI License Key need to be purchased separately.
2. The Ethernet connection need extra accessories called USB-C to Ethernet adapter for Tail Air.