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VISCA (Video System Control Architecture) is a professional camera control protocol in broadcast systems. Developed by SONY, it allows for comprehensive control over camera functions such as zoom, focus, iris, shutter speed, and white balance.

The benefit of using VISCA with OBSBOT Tail Air, an AI-powered 4K PTZ Streaming Camera, becomes apparent when one needs precision control and customization. The OBSBOT Tail Air is designed to track and film dynamically, while VISCA integration allows a user to fine-tune camera settings, ensuring the best possible video output.

Moreover, VISCA over IP (Internet Protocol) enhances this functionality by allowing remote control over the camera. This means you can adjust the OBSBOT Tail Air's settings from another location, especially useful in live streaming, broadcasting, and event filming scenarios.

Following are commands to follow when using the VISCA protocol with Tail Air:

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Explore more by watching the video below:

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