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Stay Pro, Stay Productive
Maintaining the best-in-class image quality, OBSBOT Tiny 2 Lite has now arrived with a worthy price, industry-advanced AI features, and the brand new productive Preset Modes. Experience a seamless journey in your video calls in portrait or landscape with Tiny 2 Lite; your workflow will be professional and productive like never before.
AI Features
Unmatched Video Image Quality
Productive Preset Modes
Various Shooting Modes
Effortless Webcam Setup
Productive Intelligent Features
Efficient, Excellent, Artificial Intelligent
AI Auto Tracking with Auto Zoom
After generations of polishing OBSBOT's deep neural learning network algorithm, Tiny 2 Lite can now track you in real-time with better framing and appropriate automatic zoom effects. This frees up your hands while adjusting the zoom as desired.
Auto Zoom on
Auto Zoom off
More Accurate Bodypart Tracking
For Tiny 2 Lite, the body part tracking primarily focuses on upper body and close-up. The iterative algorithm in this version offers improved accuracy and smoothness during tracking.
Upper Body Tracking
Close-up Tracking
Be Productive with Preset Modes
With the brand new Preset Modes on Tiny 2 Lite, you can now preset the PTZ position and many more parameters! Features like tracking mode, image settings, and Bokeh can be set in advance to enhance your workflow's productivity.
Magical, Efficient Gesture Control 2.0「3」
Use Gesture Control 2.0 to streamline your workflow even from a distance. Three gestures are available for activating AI Auto Tracking and adjusting the Zoom in/out settings.
Lock/Unlock Target
Zoom in/out
Dynamic Zoom in/out
Professional Video Image
New Webcam Image Standard Settled
Premium 4K Experience. Budget-Friendly Price.
Capture stunning moments in UHD 4K resolution. With up to 4K@30fps and 1080P@60fps, Tiny 2 Lite is an excellent budget choice for capturing vivid details and memorable moments in your everyday life!
Precise, Deft Auto Focus
Tiny 2 Lite utilizes the advanced PDAF (Phase Detection Auto Focus) technology. This allows for a deft and accurate focus process by swiftly detecting the phase and moving the lens immediately to the focus point.
Traditional Focus
Reliable CMOS for Better Low Light Performance
Tiny 2 Lite's advanced 1/2" CMOS sensor gains amazing image signals and enables an obvious leap in image quality, offering reliable bright-light performance with HDR and low-light performance powered by optimized algorithm.
Your Voice, Focused and Super-clear
Tiny 2 Lite equips a dual-omnidirectional microphone with adjustable noise cancellation. It fits various scenarios for achieving a sound-image synchronized video call experience, as well as a human voice augmentation technology which maintains high-quality sound transmission even in noisy background.
Seamless Video Calls Experiences
Smarten Workflow with Tiny 2 Lite
An Imaginative Tool with Creative Shooting Modes
Rich shooting modes light up your creativity. From shooting in landscape or portrait mode to shooting from an upside-down position, Tiny 2 Lite 1/4'' interface gives you the greatest support. Wherever you choose to install it, it ensures clear and pixel-perfect video images.
Get Your Video Call Pro and Protected
Tiny 2 Lite protects your video capture with Sleep Mode 2.0 and other built-in features. In sleep mode, you can select a static image as a shield against leaks.
Manually Enter the Sleep Mode
Device Auto Sleep「1」
Simpler. Lighter.
Built-in Stand.
Following the design of OBSBOT Tiny 2, the Tiny 2 Lite also embraces minimalism and practicality. With a built-in stand and 2-axis gimbal, your video call experience will be stable for you to unleash more possibilities.
Stream Deck + Tiny 2 Lite=Smooth Workflow
The Tiny 2 Lite is compatible with the Elgato Stream Deck, a production console that enhances the control smoothness of the Tiny 2 Lite without the need for an extra app.
Expand Potential with OBSBOT Center
As one of the most productive control panels in the OBSBOT family, the inner potential of Tiny 2 Lite can be greatly expanded by OBSBOT Center with PTZ control, Beauty Mode, Preset Modes setups, and more features to explore.
Windows® 10 or later, macOS 11 or later
Compatibility Makes Workflow Productive
With support for the different tools, Tiny 2 Lite performs an impressive range of uses, which makes it a really productive webcam device for most video platforms you want.
Enhance control abilities of OBSBOT Tiny 2 Lite for developers and musicians with greater flexibility.
Apply the software development kit to further integrate the OBSBOT Tiny 2 Lite into your workflow.
Smart Remote
Empower your OBSBOT Tiny 2 Lite without hassle by controlling the device remotely.
Global Hotkey
Expedite common operations, and make the control more arbitrary with external keyboard devices.
This USB-C to NDI Adapter can transform your webcam devices into an NDI capture terminal by converting the UVC signal to NDI. With the Tally light and the added feature of Micro SD card recording, the adapter provides an efficient, real-time livestream solution.
OBSBOT UVC to HDMI Adapter 2nd Gen
OBSBOT Tiny Smart Remote 2
Extendable Tripod
HQ Mic
20m (65ft) USB-A to USB-C 3.0 Cable
User Scenarios
Online Education
Hybrid Work
Video Calls
Explore More icon_more
AI-Powered 4K PTZ Webcam
AI Auto Tracking with Auto Zoom
1/2" CMOS
UHD 4K Resolution
Preset Modes
Gesture Control 2.0
Premium Microphone
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[1] To activate Device Auto Sleep feature, you need to turn on the corresponding button in the OBSBOT Center control software.
[2] Prices on the official website are for reference only. Visit the OBSBOT Online Store to see the most up-to-date prices.
[3] Currently, it is not recommended to use the Dynamic Zoom in/out command when Tiny 2 Lite operates in portrait mode.