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Mastermind Your Tail Air with Elgato Stream Deck

 elgato stream deck guide

The Elgato Stream Deck is an essential tool that provides an intuitive interface for streamlining workflows. It allows users to effortlessly control functionalities, promoting efficiency and time-saving. 

After the January update of the "OBSBOT WebCam" plugin (V1.3.0.0), you can now control your OBSBOT Tail Air on your Elgato Stream Deck.

Please ensure your OBSBOT Tail Air is connected to your computer and that the latest firmware is installed. This will ensure you can control your OBSBOT Tail Air effectively from your Elgato Stream Deck.

Part 1: Install OBSBOT WebCam plugin in Stream Deck

To install the "OBSBOT WebCam" plugin on your updated Elgato Stream Deck, follow these steps:

1. Open the Elgato Stream Deck software on your computer.

 elgato stream deck guide(1)

2. Navigate to the "Store" icon located on the top right of the interface.

elgato stream deck guide(2)

3. In the search bar, type "OBSBOT WebCam" and hit enter.

 elgato stream deck guide(3)

4. The plugin should appear in the search results. Click on the "Add to cart" button and finish the purchase process of the plugin. (The OBSBOT WebCam is free in the store)

 elgato stream deck guide(4)

5. Once your purchase and installation are successful, the button will turn into "Open in Stream Deck". Click the button and return to your Stream Deck software.

 elgato stream deck guide(5)

6. You will find the "OBSBOT WebCam" plugin is now in the interface of the Stream Deck software. You can now drag and drop the actions into one of the keys on your Stream Deck.

 elgato stream deck guide(6)

Part 2: Connect Tail Air with Stream Deck

You can control your Tail Air on the Stream Deck both wired and wirelessly. Here's how.

USB Connection Introduction

In general, you can connect your Tail Air to a computer with a Stream Deck using an appropriate USB cable. Once the devices are connected, you can begin setting the actions for your OBSBOT Tail Air. This method works when Tail Air is in either UVC mode or MTP mode.

 elgato stream deck guide(7)

Network Connection Introduction

With OBSBOT Tail Air, you can send control signals over the network. This means that if your Tail Air device and your computer are on the same network, the Stream Deck will properly activate the actions.

Connect the Tail Air with a USB-C to Ethernet adapter, plug the Ethernet cable into it, and connect the other end to your local network router or switch. Then, the Tail Air will be ready for setting.

 elgato stream deck guide(8)

Following this principle, if you're using the "Obsbot Start" App or "OBSBOT Center" software, you can connect your Tail Air(s) to the same network as the computer with the connected Stream Deck, and the actions will work wirelessly without requiring a cable.

 elgato stream deck guide(9)

Part 3: Identify Tail Air Device and Connection Status

For Stream Deck, you can identify your different OBSBOT Tail Airs using their Serial Number (SN).

You can locate the SN on the bottom label of the device, within the Obsbot Start App (More settings>About Device>Serial Number), or on the OBSBOT Center (More>About>Serial Number).

SN in Obsbot Start App ⬇

 elgato stream deck guide(10)

Find SN in OBSBOT Center software ⬇

 elgato stream deck guide(11)

In the Stream Deck software interface, when you select the appropriate device, a letter will appear behind the Tail Air. This letter indicates Tail Air's current connection status with Stream Deck:

  • N: Network. This means you are connecting with Tail Air via a network (Wi-Fi or Ethernet).
  • M: MTP mode. This indicates you are connecting with Tail Air using a USB cable.
  • U: UVC mode. In this state, your Tail Air is in UVC mode with a USB cable connection.

 elgato stream deck guide(12)

Part 4: Customize Your Tail Air(s)’ Stream Deck Actions

Upon accessing the Stream Deck interface, you'll discover the OBSBOT WebCam folder. This folder contains three distinct options for modifying your OBSBOT device.

 elgato stream deck guide(13)

Drag any one of the actions to your chosen button. For instance, let's use "Adjust WebCam" as an example.

 elgato stream deck guide(14)

Once you've dragged your selected action, feel free to personalize the "Title" of this button. 

 elgato stream deck guide(15)

Then, choose the device that you want this button to control.

 elgato stream deck guide(16)

Now, pick out the specific action you wish to execute.

 elgato stream deck guide(17)

Following your selection, the button will transform into the corresponding icon we've provided.

 elgato stream deck guide(18)

Your Stream Deck device will instantly reflect the new button. Simply press the button, and your Tail Air will execute the action in real-time.

 elgato stream deck guide(19)

For further customization, explore additional settings under the "Adjust WebCam".

 elgato stream deck guide(20)

You can also bring in an action of "Set WebCam".

 elgato stream deck guide(21)

Delve into more parameter adjustment settings within this action.

 elgato stream deck guide(22)

If you need to revert some of your established settings, simply drag "Reset WebCam" to the interface.

 elgato stream deck guide(23)

Select the specific feature you'd like to reset, and the button on the interface will be updated immediately.

 elgato stream deck guide(24)

Embrace the power of Tail Air with the Elgato Stream Deck and elevate your live stream workflow to new levels of productivity!

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