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OBSBOT Tail Air Firmware Update using a Micro SD card


  • Before updating, ensure that your device's battery level is above 10% if charging, or above 25% without charging.
  • Need to prepare in advance a micro SD card and a card reader, and ensure the storage of the card is sufficient for firmware files.

To update your Tail Air firmware, follow these steps:

  1. Download the .bin firmware file from OBSBOT.
  2. Connect your micro SD card to your computer using a card reader.
  3. Drop the firmware file into the root directory of your micro SD card.
  4. Disconnect the micro SD card from your computer.
  5. Insert the micro SD card into Tail Air's SD card slot.
  6. Turn on Tail Air. When the firmware file is detected, the update will start automatically.
  7. During the update process, the indicator light will flash blue and yellow alternately.
  8. The update process will take 3-4 minutes. Once completed, Tail Air will restart.
  9. The indicator light will turn green, indicating that the update was successful.
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