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Differences Between Tiny 2 & Tiny 4K


Were you looking for a top-of-the-line webcam for your content

creation or video conferencing needs?

Now your search is over.

The newly-released OBSBOT Tiny 2 leads the webcam industry to a new era.



People have been asking about the

differences between the OBSBOT Tiny 2 and the OBSBOT Tiny 4K

Here are some key points highlighting the differences between the two webcams:


Never Before-Seen
Video Quality

1/1.5’’ CMOS - Better Video Quality

OBSBOT Tiny 2 has an ultra-large 1/1.5’’ CMOS, the second largest CMOS in a webcam.

Although OBSBOT Tiny 4K also has excellent video quality with a ½.8‘’ CMOS which is already bigger than most webcams in the market.

So OBSBOT Tiny 2 has an even better video quality than OBSBOT Tiny 4K, and almost all the webcams in the market.


Dual Native ISO Technology - Great Performance Even in Dim Light

OBSBOT Tiny 2 features Dual Native ISO Technology, which means it has two circuits on its CMOS, and each circuit has a native ISO.

A native ISO is an essential parameter in your camera, it gives you the potential to produce the highest image quality, minimizing the visibility of noise as much as possible. A photo taken at too high of an ISO will show a lot of grain, also known as noise, and might not be usable.

With the Dual Native ISO Technology, OBSBOT Tiny 2 can automatically switch between the two native ISO based on the lighting situation. It will switch to the high native ISO while in a dark situation and do the opposite while in glaring lighting.

That helps OBSBOT Tiny 2 to deliver great performance even in dim light.


All-Pixel Auto Focus - 4x Faster Focusing

As a significant upgrade focusing technology of the PDAF, All-Pixel Auto Focus technology uses all the pixels (50 million in total) on the CMOS to assist the focusing process. At the same time, PDAF only uses several pixels on its CMOS to help with the focusing process.

That’s the reason why the OBSBOT Tiny 2 has a 4x faster focusing speed.


USB 3.0 - 10x Faster Data Transmission

With the excellent video quality, you need a faster data transmission to ensure the video captured is perfectly transmitted to your screen, with the USB 3.0’s 10x faster data transmission, OBSBOT Tiny 2 grantee it still looks great after data go through the cable and display on your screen.



Even Smarter
AI Feature

Auto Tracking with Auto Zoom

Upgraded from OBSBOT’s widely admired deep learning neural network algorithm, OBSBOT Tiny 2 inherited the accurate and fluent tracking technology. And more, now it can even auto-adjust the zoom setting during tracking. Wherever you move, you are just not just in the center but also in the right composition proportion.


Voice control - Release Your Hands

A remarkable innovation in the webcam industry, now you can just use your voice to control the OBSBOT Tiny 2


Dynamic Gesture Control - Control the Zoom Level Seamlessly and Accurately

It’s frustrating if you can’t control how much to zoom in or out, now with Dynamic Gesture Control, you can easily adjust the zoom with precision and ease.


Sleep Mode 2.0 - Left The Keyboard Anytime with your Message There

Upgrade from the OBSBOT self-created sleep mode, now after you preset a video or picture in the OBSBOT WebCam App, the picture or video will be displayed automatically on the screen when you put the OBSBOT Tiny 2 into sleep mode. So you left your message to your audiences when you left.



Compact and premium

Small and Portable

Size matters when it comes to webcams, and the OBSBOT Tiny 2 delivers big features in a small package. Thanks to its integrated technology, it's almost 50% smaller than the OBSBOT Tiny 4K and even includes a sleek case for effortless transport.


Metal body - Sleek Design

The OBSBOT Tiny 2's aluminum alloy body shell not only looks great alongside its techy light and camera but also adds to the webcam's overall elegance and high-end technology.



The OBSBOT Tiny 2 is now available for pre-order with a discount.

Don't miss out!