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OBSBOT Announces July Update for OBSBOT Software and Tiny 2 Firmware


The latest updates for its OBSBOT Center (Formerly OBSBOT WebCam) Software and OBSBOT Tiny 2 Firmware has released. These updates bring new features, enhancements, and bug fixes that promise to deliver a more immersive experience to users.

OBSBOT Tiny 2 Firmware Update

The Tiny 2 Firmware Update (v6.0.2.1) comes with exciting new features that improve the performance of the AI-powered webcam. These features include:

  • HDR: This feature improves color accuracy and enhances overall visual quality.
  • Improved image quality: The update delivers more detailed and vibrant images.
  • Optimized autofocus: The autofocus feature has been optimized to focus more accurately and quickly.
  • Shutter speed parameter adjustment: This feature allows users to adjust shutter speed parameters and customize their photography or video recording settings.
  • Bug fixes: The update also fixes known bugs, ensuring a smooth and bug-free experience.

OBSBOT Center (Formerly OBSBOT WebCam) Software Update

The WebCam Software Update (v2.0.5.8) improves the user experience by adding features such as HDR, video recording resolution adjustment, and shutter speed parameter adjustment. While the software update can optimize performance for Tiny 2, it is best paired with the firmware update to provide the best possible user experience.

The updates are available for download on the OBSBOT website.


Founded in 2016, OBSBOT is an innovative imaging technology and hardware brand dedicated to using new technologies such as AI to inject new vitality into the videography market.

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