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OBSBOT Showcases Award-Winning Tiny 2 4K Smart Webcam and Revolutionary Tail Air at B&H BILD Expo

OBSBOT, a leading company in smart imaging technology, garnered widespread attention at the recent B&H BILD Expo. During the event held at the Javits Center from September 6-7, OBSBOT successfully showcased its cutting-edge products at Booth 277. Particularly, the much-anticipated Tail Air smart live streaming camera and the Tiny 2 4K smart webcam, which won the 'Product of the Year Award' at the 2023 NAB Show, were the center of attention.

obsbot showcases tiny 2 and tail air at b&h bild expo

About B&H BILD Expo

Established in 1973, B&H Photo has been a stalwart in promoting audio-visual craftsmanship. As they commemorate a significant 50-year journey as a retail forerunner, B&H Photo inaugurates the BILD Expo, underscoring their lasting commitment to the nuances of photography, videography, and auditory experiences.

Breakthroughs in Live Streaming: Tail Air Takes Center Stage

Fresh from its Kickstarter success, Tail Air is OBSBOT's robust response to the burgeoning requirements of multi-camera live streaming Integrated with the purpose-built Obsbot Start app, Tail Air offers creators a streamlined platform for diverse content scenarios - from electrifying athletic events to heartfelt podcast interviews. This device epitomizes OBSBOT's dedication to pushing the envelope in tech excellence.

obsbot showcases tiny 2 and tail air at b&h bild expo(3))

A Testament to Innovation: The Tiny 2 4K Smart Webcam

The Tiny 2 4K smart webcam, crowned as the 'Best Product in Webcam Category' at the 2023 NAB Show, reaffirms OBSBOT’s position at the forefront of the industry. Renowned for its stellar 4K clarity and AI prowess, it continues to elevate content creation benchmarks.

Unparalleled Interactive Experience at OBSBOT's Booth

At the B&H BILD Expo, OBSBOT's Booth 277 drew a significant crowd of streaming technology enthusiasts. Visitors had the opportunity for in-depth exchanges with the OBSBOT technical team and hands-on interactions with both Tail Air and Tiny 2. Whether it was single video streaming or multi-camera live broadcasts, both products garnered high attention and commendation. Attendees were awed by the live streaming capabilities of these devices, with many expressing that the technological innovations of the Tiny 2 and Tail Air have the potential to make profound impacts on modern digital content creation.


Founded in 2017, OBSBOT is an innovative imaging technology and hardware brand dedicated to using new technologies such as AI to inject new vitality into the videography market.

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