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OBSBOT Center Software March Update Released

OBSBOT has released a new software update for OBSBOT Tiny and Meet series webcams.

OBSBOT Center software March update

The update includes various new features and improvements, such as the addition of a [OSC] function and a [Virtual Camera] function. Additionally, the update introduces a new [Discover] interface and a [Notification] bar, along with an optimized user interface layout. These updates will enhance the functionality of the OBSBOT webcams and improve the user experience.

The [OSC] function allows users to control their OBSBOT webcam with an external controller, making it easier to adjust settings and get the perfect shot. The addition of the [Virtual Camera] function allows users to use their OBSBOT webcam as a virtual camera, making it compatible with a wider range of software and platforms.

The new [Discover] interface provides users with a quick and easy way to explore the tips and capabilities of the OBSBOT webcams. The [Notification] bar will keep users up-to-date with the latest news and information about their webcam and the OBSBOT brand.

OBSBOT Center (Formerly OBSBOT WebCam) software Discover

In addition to these new features, the update also includes an optimized user interface layout, making it easier and more intuitive to use the OBSBOT webcams.

Overall, this software update is a significant improvement for OBSBOT Tiny and Meet series webcams as well as the upcoming new device. With the new features and improvements, users can expect an even better user experience and more flexibility in their video production and live-streaming workflows.


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