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Remo Tech Announces OBSBOT Tail - The World’s First Auto-Director AI Camera

OBSBOT Tail, be your own actor, director, and cameraman, all at the same time.

OBSBOT Tail - the first AI-powered autonomous director camera

Remo Technology, creators of artificial intelligence cameras, unveils the OBSBOT Tail, the world’s first AI-powered autonomous director camera, at CES today.

Designed to capture your active moments in life, without relying on a friend to hold your video camera, or frequently adjusting the device, the OBSBOT Tail’s compact size at just 7.3 inches by 3.3 inches is equipped with a 3-axis gimbal and optical zoom lens. Capture the perfect composition, whether you’re dancing, skateboarding, live streaming, documenting your kid’s lives, or even showing off your 3v3 basketball moves on the court - without cutting you out of the shot.

Embedded with a sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithm that’s powered by a HiSilicon Hi3559A processor, OBSBOT Tail not only shoots in 4K video and 12MP photos, while displaying video in up to HDR10 quality, but it also offers a suite of complex AI filming modes that puts you in full control of how the shot is composed, leaving the heavy lifting of capturing you in your moment to OBSBOT Tail.

vlogging with OBSBOT Tail ai camera

Of the half-dozen filming modes, a few include the ability to frame your shot of just your upper body, no matter the distance the subject is away from the camera; snap a smartphone-free photo with a gesture; select subjects within the accompanying app to either follow or even ignore them within the shot; track and film yourself indoors in dimly lit environments, without OBSBOT Tail losing track of you within the shot - even if you’re dancing - and more.

And to make filming even more exciting, the OBSBOT Tail can be mounted onto a wheeled accessory that enables you to capture your moments autonomously on the go, like a wheeled drone that can follow your every move.

“The OBSBOT Tail is a groundbreaking camera that makes sophisticated filming techniques and filming complex movements readily accessible to anyone, with just a tap of a button,” said Bo Liu, CEO and Founder of Remo Technology. “We’ve worked with dozens of dance groups, street sports teams, and vloggers to design a camera that can truly capture movement. We hope that with OBSBOT Tail, people can enjoy the freedom of expressing their creativity through videos, without the hassle of getting help from others, or having to endure the complex process of setting up or adjusting a camera.”

OBSBOT Tail Features

  • Powerful Processor - Designed for low power consumption, the HiSilicon Hi3559A chip enables for image processing and supports HDR10 video and 3D Lookup Table (3DLUT) for footage that’s true-to-color

  • 4K Video with 12MP Photos - Embedded with a 3.5x optical zoom lens and equipped with a total of 10 optical lenses (four of which are Hoya lenses), the footage is captured in 4K video at 100-3200 ISO for video, and 12MP at 100-6400 ISO for photos

  • Three-Axis, 360° Gimbal- Embedded with REMO AI’s proprietary ‘ExtraSmooth’ technology, the gimbal provides buttery smooth camera movements that iron out jitters

  • Carry Anywhere - Just 580 grams and 6.7 inches high by 3.4 inches wide, the OBSBOT Tail is a truly compact video camera, without skimping on different, yet powerful features

  • Time-Lapse - With a 360-degree 3-axis gimbal and a suite of AI algorithms, OBSBOT Tail is capable of filming a large number of styles of time-lapse videos 

  • Obsbot Studio App - Edit your shots within the OBSBOT app seamlessly, or let the app edit your film with dozens of editing options including the ability to stitch together footage that fits the music.

  • Long Battery Life - With up to 150 minutes of usage, take OBSBOT on the go with plenty of battery life to spare to capture your active moments.

  • Wheeled Accessory - Mount your OBSBOT Tail onto a wheeled accessory that autonomously follows you around, or moves with your customized route, while capturing the perfect shot.

  • Intelligent Tracking - Packed with sophisticated tracking modes, the OBSBOT Tail can track any person in low light, activate shots with gesture recognition, or frame shots of moving subjects, and more


Founded in 2016, OBSBOT is an innovative imaging technology and hardware brand dedicated to using new technologies such as AI to inject new vitality into the videography market.

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