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OBSBOT Tiny 2 Earns Zoom Certification

tiny 2 earns zoom certification

OBSBOT Tiny 2 is formally certified by Zoom for content capture.

OBSBOT Tiny 2 stands out with its 4K resolution, AI auto tracking, and convenient gesture and voice control features, making it an ideal choice for video conferencing and personal live streaming, whether at home or in the office. The integration with Zoom enhances the efficiency of remote work and video meetings, ensuring seamless and professional communication

With Zoom being one of the most popular video conferencing software in the market, its certification is a testament to the high standards and adaptability of the Tiny 2 to the needs of today's remote workforce.

This development serves as an affirmation of OBSBOT's commitment to providing high-standard and efficient solutions for video conferencing and personal live streaming. 

Stay tuned for more updates as OBSBOT continues to enhance user experience with its innovative technology.


Founded in 2017, OBSBOT is an innovative imaging technology and hardware brand dedicated to using new technologies such as AI to inject new vitality into the videography market.

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