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OBS Studio Push Stream Manual

Needed material:

  • OBSBOT Tail
  • USB WiFi adapter
  • Computer
  • 1

    Plugin your USB WiFi adapter. Find the device WiFi on WLAN, connect with Obsbot-xxxxxx.

    • 2

      Set up video input resource:

      • Startup OBS Studio, click “+” icon in the “Source” page.

      • Choose “VLC video resource”, fill in the RTSP address: rtsp:// Click “OK” then can get image.

      If “VLC video resource” can not be found in source list:

      • Initialize VLC player, open network stream.

      • Fill in the RTSP address: rtsp:// and start push stream. (You can adjust the caching time as your wish, but not less than 100ms otherwise it may cause image issue)

      • Back to OBS Studio, choose window capture in the source list, choose VLC media player. And click “OK” to get image.

    • 3

      Push streaming

      • Login the account of live stream platform, get your URL address & Stream Key.

        img (In here we used Facebook live as example, you can apply to any other platform that support RTMP stream)
      • Back to OBS Studio, click “Settings” – “Stream”, fill in the URL address & Stream Key

      • Click “Apply”- “OK” - “Start streaming”, to get image on streaming platform.