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Live Production

Achieve Superior Video Output and Simplify Live Production
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Game-Changer Setup for Stunning Live Production
Live production often conjures images of tangled wires, stressed-out tech crews, and last-minute scrambles. But with Tail Air, you can ditch the drama and embrace awesome. This powerful 4K PTZ streaming camera makes setting up a smooth, professional workflow surprisingly easy, letting you focus on capturing stunning visuals.
Effortless Control, Stress-Free Live Production
Enjoy the flexibility of controlling OBSBOT Tail Air according to your preference. Whether you're a solo operator or part of a small crew, you can control Tail Air with ease. Deliver premium live production for any client.
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Reliable 4K Video Output
Discover the magic of AI tracking and autofocus, effortlessly capturing the minutest details without struggling with angles, and create stunning 4K UHD videos.
UHD 4K Resolution
AI Auto Tracking
Low Light Shooting
Seamless Video and Audio Transmission
Experience real-time video and audio transmission with Tail Air's NDI technology. Minimize latency in live production, and deliver synchronized, smooth content.
* NDI is a registered trademark of NewTek, Inc.
Ultra-low Latency
Visually Lossless Video
Lower Bandwith Request
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Simplified Live Production
Manage flexible live productions with less hardware, lower costs and simpler workflows. Tail Air's compact size, multiple connections, and plug-and-play functions enable you to initiate live production anytime, anywhere.
Tinest 4K PTZ Camera
Plug and Play
Budget Price
Seamless Integration with Your Live Production Ecosystem
Equipped with multiple interfaces for connection, OBSBOT Tail Air has strong extendability, allowing it to integrate with other devices or brands' ecosystems.
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Amaze Studios Live Production Case Study
Amaze Studios was founded in 1997 in Washington DC by Gary Cruz and his friends. Gary, the owner, initially served as the studio's video editor, while his partners included a musician and a 3D animation artist. When Gary moved to California, he took over the business. During the studio's early days, the primary focus was on photography, as video editing on computers was prohibitively expensive. When video became more accessible, Amaze Studios refocused on its passion for video production and began expanding its service offerings in alignment with the owner's personal journey. First, it was weddings, then cotillions (18th birthdays, theater events, etc).
Musical Theater Live Production
Outdoor Live Production
Graduation Live Production
Gary Cruz
Amaze Studios' Founder
"I was extremely surprised at how well the OBSBOT Tail Air performed in low light. In these clips, I was able to capture an entire musical theater performance with 3 OBSBOT Tail Air cameras. I wanted to show that even if the budget for mirrorless cameras or larger gear is too high, you can use an affordable solution like the Tail Air."
Qruxel Esports Live Production Case Study
Based in Stockholm, Qruxel Productions has been a global leader in esports production and consultation since 2013. Renowned for innovation and tailored solutions, they take pride in shaping foundational concepts in widely recognized esports broadcasting.
Ludvig Fjell
Qruxel Productions' Founder and CEO
"The event was a resounding success, we are highly satisfied with the camera setup and its performance."
The Challenging:
1. Esports stages often have dim lighting to keep players focused, contrasting with the bright lights used for team victories or match ends. Cameras must excel in low-light conditions and have effective auto-exposure to handle these varied lighting scenarios.

2. How to effectively convey the emotions and reactions of players who are seated just inches from their monitors?
The Solution:
1. We selected the Tail Air streaming camera, which excels even in low-light conditions.

2. We mounted the 10 cameras on table tripods with flat bases to avoid interference with players'equipment to capture players' emotions and reactions.
Marc Soul Black Note Club Case Study
Black Note Club is a renowned concert hall in Valencia (Spain), active since 1993. Pioneers in streaming concerts, broadcasting live since 2013, with the aim of promoting bands, currently performing more than 350 live shows a year.
Marc Soul
Video Producer at Black Note Club
"Since we have had the OBSBOT Tail Air cameras, our stage has also established itself as a recording studio. Tail Air has made an incredible leap in quality in our recordings."
The Challenging:
1. Stage lighting is complicated. You need a camera that performs well in low light conditions, but handles highlights well. Not everything is darkness, there are backlights and some very illuminated surfaces.

2. It is difficult to install cables between the stage and the control booth, requiring very long HDMI cables. We need cameras that work with wiring that is easier to install.

3. Taking close-ups of artists and instruments gives more dynamism to the live performance. But some artists move too much on stage, it is difficult to track them with a simple PTZ camera.
The Solution:
1. OBSBOT Tail Air obtains a very clean image, free of noise, and responds in a very natural way to highlights. Nothing is burned or posterized.

2. We connect the 3 Tail Air using an Ethernet cable, a cheaper and more robust cable. The connection is simple and reliable using the NDI HX3 protocol offered by these cameras.

3. Tail Air's AI auto-tracking works great even with multiple musicians on stage. It’s awesome to see how the camera follows even the most intense musicians.
InnerDex's On-the-go Studio Case Study
We're building an on-the-go studio to capture every moment, breaking free from traditional studios to embrace the world's endless opportunities. We believe that every place has its own unique story, and our mission is to help you present these stories to the world.
Fabian van der Niet
InnerDex' Founder
"Everything fits neatly in two to three bags and can be carried by one single person! OBSBOT was the missing link for such a setup, an easy-to-use camera with amazing quality and great support for the future to come!"
The Challenging:
We will be shooting outside, in bars, in houses, in our own office and, eventually, in our own studio. Our goal is to keep our setup as compact as possible, so that we can easily take our 'studio' anywhere we go.
The Solution:
The Tail Air suits that goal perfectly! They are very lightweight, easy to pack in, plug-and-play, perfectly easy to set up with only one person, and the software is very expanded and user-friendly. It feels like these devices were made for purposes like ours and we can't wait to inspire people to use them the way we do!
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