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Olivia Brown
  • Chief Editor of OBSBOT
  • A seasoned professional with over 8 years of writing experience.
  • She excels at writing comprehensive reviews and providing detailed solutions to video conferencing & live streaming.

Olivia Brown is a writer and the chief editor of, who has been writing since college. Creative writing, digital marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing are her main skills. 
She spent a larger portion of her career writing thousands of tech-related articles that have been published online and in publications, covering both hardware and software apps. Her practical experience in the field of technology comes from more than 10 years of hands-on use of multiple devices and apps. She loves trying out cool tech gadgets, such as AI-powered cameras and webcams, and teaching others how to use them. 
In her spare time, Olivia likes live streaming and vlogging. She enjoys recording and sharing her life. Also, she is a travel enthusiast. It's always been her dream to travel all over the world.


Olivia studied Journalism at the University of Texas. She is never limited to her expertise. After graduating from college, she continued her studies in technology, marketing, project management, and writing through online courses.