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OBSBOT Center macOS Permissions Instructions

Before installing OBSBOT Center on macOS for the first time, there are a few steps to follow due to Apple's policy. These steps involve granting necessary permissions to ensure the smooth functioning of the OBSBOT Center application.


During the installation, OBSBOT Center needs to be allowed to load when installing software.

  • After installing OBSBOT Center, run the software and a system prompt will appear:

obsbot center macos permissions instructions(1)

  • Click "Open System Settings"
  • In the Privacy & Security settings page, scroll down to the bottom and find "Security"
  • When the "System software 'OBSBOT Center' was blocked from loading" prompt appears, click Allow for further process.

obsbot center macos permissions instructions(2)


Some permissions need to be allowed to make the software work properly.

  • Enable "Bluetooth" permission for OBSBOT Center in "Privacy & Security" ---  (for connecting the nearby Tail Air device)

obsbot center macos permissions instructions(3)

  • Enable "Microphone" permission for OBSBOT Center in "Privacy & Security" --- (for voice capturing into your Apple devices)

obsbot center macos permissions instructions(4)

  • Enable "Camera" permission for OBSBOT Center in "Privacy & Security" --- (for video shooting input from OBSBOT devices)

obsbot center macos permissions instructions(5)

  • Enable "Files and Folders" permission for OBSBOT Center in Privacy & Security ---  (for video recording by OBSBOT Center)

obsbot center macos permissions instructions(6)

  • Enable "Input Monitoring" permission for OBSBOT Center in "Privacy & Security" ---  (for Hotkeys Control and Remote Control)

obsbot center macos permissions instructions(7)How to Solve the Problem When There is No Sound When Recording

If there is no sound when recording with OBSBOT Center software, please check if the settings are correct:

  • Go to "Privacy & Security", find "Microphone" and make sure OBSBOT Center is enabled

obsbot center macos permissions instructions(8)

  • Find Sound --- Input --- Select OBSBOT Tiny2 --- Check input volume (you can determine if there is sound by observing whether the volume input level jumps)
    obsbot center macos permissions instructions(9)