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OBSBOT June Updates

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We're thrilled to share some big updates for our software and firmware this month! We've enhanced the OBSBOT Center software with new features for better device management and customization. Additionally, we've released new firmware for OBSBOT Tail Air, Tiny 2, and the UVC to NDI Adapter to elevate your video creation process. Let's explore the updates!

OBSBOT Center Software Update

OBSBOT Center software update brings many exciting new features that make managing and using your OBSBOT devices easier and more intuitive. Now, you can monitor real-time images from multiple OBSBOT devices with Multi-Cam View, effortlessly number and lock your devices for seamless control, and enjoy enhanced audio control to select or mix sounds for any scene. 

For Tail Air users, we've added Target Selection for Object Tracking to easily choose and track targets, and Composition Lines option to adjust your frame for the perfect shot during the Human Tracking Process. 

Learn more about these new features and elevate your video creation experience here.

OBSBOT Tail Air Firmware Update

For Tail Air users, here are the key updates:

  • Upgraded SRT mode for better video transmission reliability and security.
  • Added a Face Framing feature for better capture.
  • Supports 720P resolution and 59.94/29.97 fps for more choices.
  • Added NDI Multicast functionality, enhancing network transmission efficiency.
  • Compatible with the latest OBSBOT Center software.
  • Fixed known bugs to improve overall stability and performance.

Click here to mastermind your Tail Air with SRT Protocol.

OBSBOT Tiny 2 Firmware Update

For Tiny 2 users, we've added a new Streaming Mode to the Image Palette to enhance your streaming experience. Additionally, we've fixed known bugs to improve the device's overall stability and performance.

OBSBOT UVC to NDI Adapter Firmware Update

UVC to NDI Adapter's latest firmware update introduces support for the VISCA protocol and adds a log export feature. The VISCA protocol allows you to perform detailed remote operations over IP networks, such as controlling focus, zoom, white balance, and more. You can also remotely switch shooting angles and use more scene presets, making your live streaming and video recording more efficient and versatile.

Click to see how to set a VISCA control for UVC to NDI Adapter.


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