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OBSBOT and Xi'an Qujiang WE Esports Club Formally Establish Collaboration

OBSBOT and Xi'an Qujiang WE ESports Club have officially become partners. OBSBOT has been committed to providing users with the highest quality products and services. This collaboration not only brings initial exposure and sustained impact to OBSBOT in the field of esports but also further expands its application scenarios in the esports domain.

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Xi'an Qujiang WE Esports Club has gained worldwide recognition for its excellent technical strength and outstanding tournament results. League of Legends, one of the most popular games in the world, has attracted the love and attention of millions of players. This collaboration with WE Esports Club is a valuable opportunity for OBSBOT to strengthen its influence and bring its advanced AI camera technology to a wider audience.

The highlight of this collaboration will be OBSBOT AI camera products from the Meet series and Tiny series. OBSBOT Meet is an AI video camera with powerful automatic framing capabilities. It comes in two versions, 4K and 1080p, and uses a wide-angle camera and advanced AI algorithms to track motion in real time, keeping the subject centered in the frame. It is suitable for both single and multiple-person scenes. On the other hand, OBSBOT Tiny is a PTZ camera that can lock onto targets, automatically zoom in or out, and track and focus on subjects as they move. It also features a two-axis gimbal that allows for large-range horizontal and vertical movements, following the subject with precision. It is ideal for single-person scenes. These two products not only provide excellent shooting effects for various esports live broadcasts but also deliver a more immersive visual experience to a wide range of players and viewers.

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This collaboration is of great significance for OBSBOT and WE Esports Club. We will continue to explore opportunities for cooperation with esports events and teams. In the future, OBSBOT will actively seek collaborations with esports events and teams to present more stunning live streaming content to a wide audience.

Through the collaboration with Xi'an Qujiang WE Eports Club, OBSBOT will gain a deeper understanding of the needs of the esports industry, providing more professional and innovative solutions. We will work closely with WE Esports Club to deliver outstanding shooting effects and comprehensive support for their tournament broadcasts. At the same time, we hope to take this opportunity to establish long-term partnerships with more esports teams and events, collectively driving the development of the esports industry and bringing a more exciting audiovisual experience to esports enthusiasts.

OBSBOT is committed to delivering exceptional visual experiences to users through advanced AI technology and innovative camera products. This collaboration with Xi'an Qujiang WE Esports Club is an important milestone in our brand development, further expanding our influence in the esports field. We will continue to strive for innovation, providing users with high-quality and diverse products to meet the growing demands of esports.


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