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OBSBOT Tiny Series Is Upgraded

New Features and New Remote Control for OBSBOT Tiny Series

OBSBOT Tiny series are upgraded

Recently, OBSBOT has upgraded the OBSBOT Tiny series adding and improving several features. OBSBOT constantly refers to the customer's functional feedback and suggestions on the product and improves according to the actual needs of the users.

OBSBOT Tiny series webcam

This upgrade released two features that may be of interest to users. 

  • Added an auto-sleep mode which will help to reduce the over-heat situation and keep users’ privacy safe efficiently. Users can set up the time they want and OBSBOT Tiny device will automatically go into sleep mode when the time’s up. However, the device will not enter sleep mode when it detects video streaming or manual operation.
  • Added Portrait Mode for those who‘d like a portrait view. Use Portrait Mode to match more conference software and live streaming software and be capable of meeting more usage scenarios. This feature is only for OBSBOT Tiny 4K.

In addition to the above two new features, there are several more features that enhance the user experience. 

  1. Added the [Face Auto Exposure] function.
  2. [Noise Reduction] can be turned off.
  3. [Preset Position] setting parameters will be restored in the device.

The remote control that accompanies the OBSBOT Tiny series has also been upgraded, and the new version will not conflict with the keyboards.


Founded in 2017, OBSBOT is an innovative imaging technology and hardware brand dedicated to using new technologies such as AI to inject new vitality into the videography market.

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