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Where can you ship the package?
We ship globally, but some countries may be affected due by to the war or COVID-19.
How long can OBSBOT Me keep working with full charged?
120 minutes.
Can OBSBOT Me track other targets as well as human beings?
OBSBOT Me currently only supports track human beings.
Does OBSBOT Me connect to the phone via WiFi or Bluetooth?

There is no need for WiFi or Bluetooth connection, just clip your phone in, and you are all set.

What is the difference between OBSBOT Me and DJI's OSMO?

First of all, OSMO is a hand-held gimbal, and tracking is not its core function. OBSBOT Me, on the other hand, focuses on tracking, allowing you to free your hands.

What’s more, OSMO needs to use with DJI’s app, while OBSBOT Me could use without any APP, allowing any APP to use under tracking conditions. The use scenario of the two products is different.

Can OBSBOT Me use with GoPro or other camera?

OBSBOT Me can use with GoPro but needs to use with a platform adapter. The amount of weight Me can handle is 200±70g. It can be used with other cameras if it is not overweight.

Can OBSBOT Me use as a webcam?

OBSBOT Me can’t be used as a webcam. If a webcam is in demand, OBSBOT Tiny will be a good choice.

Can OBSBOT Me be used in a soccer or basketball game?

It exceeded the current capability of OBSBOT Me. It is hard to track and identify many fast-moving people with the similar cloth.

How can OBSBOT Me be placed for fixation?

At the bottom of OBSBOT Me, a 1/4-inch universal threaded interface is set to work with the tripod that comes with, in the meantime fix with a variety of tripods on the market.

When there are many people in the picture, can the OBSBOT Me steadily track the targets?

Given OBSBOT Me 's ultra-wide-angle lens and more powerful AI algorithms capabilities, OBSBOT Me is capable of tracking targets accurately in most cases.

Does OBSBOT Me support vertical tracking?

OBSBOT Me only has a Pan axis for rotational motion in horizontal directions (Pan: ±150°).

Can OBSBOT Me track other targets as well as human beings?

OBSBOT Me currently only supports tracking human beings.

How far can OBSBOT Me track?

The optimal tracking distance is 0.5-3m, the furthest distance is about 15m, and ideally, 18-20m would be ok.