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Do I need to download the OBSBOT WebCam software?
We recommend you download it.
You can still use essential features like AI Tracking, Gesture Control, Voice Control, etc, with no App requested.
But there are a lot more features that can only be activated by the App, so we recommend you download it for a better experience.
Does the OBSBOT Tiny 2 and its software work with Mac with M1?
Does OBSBOT Tiny 2 support Linux?
Yes, besides Windows and macOS, the OBSBOT Tiny 2 supports Linux as well, but the OBSBOT WebCam App isn't compatible with Linux.
Can OBSBOT Tiny 2 be used with Android phones?
Yes, but only with the OTG extension and require UVC protocol support from APP. Our other product - OBSBOT Me is a better recommendation for Android users.
Does OBSBOT Tiny 2 support Windows Hello?
No, OBSBOT Tiny 2 doesn't support Windows Hello.
Will the adjustment of the camera setting be restored in the OBSBOT Tiny 2 camera?

Yes, the adjustment will be stored in the OBSBOT Tiny 2 camera, which means even if you restart the camera or change a computer, the adjustment will still be applied to the camera.

What should I be aware of when using gesture control?
In order to allow the OBSBOT Tiny 2 to better and faster recognize your gestures, you can check out the tutorial video of the Gesture Control
Can you manually control the PTZ from a computer?
Yes, with the OBSBOT WebCam App, you can control the PTZ of the OBSBOT Tiny 2.
What are the system requirements?

Windows® 10 or later

macOS 11 or later

Recommended for 1080p 60 fps and 4K

Recommended Apple computers:

MacBook Pro (2018, 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 Processors or later)

MacBook Air (2018, 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 Processors or later)

iMac Retina (2019, 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 Processors or later)

Recommended PC configuration:

CPU: 7th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 Processors or later


Can the gesture control function of Tiny 2 be turned off?
Yes, the gesture control function of Tiny 2 can be disabled in the setting section on our WebCam App.
Does OBSBOT Tiny 2 support HDMI output?
OBSBOT Tiny Series do not support HDMI output itself, but you can purchase our OBSBOT UVC to HDMI adapter to transform the signal to the HDMI signal.
Does OBSBOT Tiny 2 have the feature like AI Virtual Background?
OBSBOT Tiny 2 supports Blurred Background, but not Background Replacement.
How to adjust the parameter settings like white balance and brightness control? And would it save in the OBSBOT Tiny 2?
To adjust the parameter of camera settings, you can download our OBSBOT WebCam App, and adjust that with the App.
Can OBSBOT Tiny 2 be used with Smart TV?
Yes, the OBSBOT Tiny 2 can be used with the Smart TVs which support UVC protocol. Most Smart TV support this feature, but still, need to make sure of this point before your purchase if it's the deal-breaker for you.