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Can OBSBOT Tiny 4K be used with Android phones?

Yes, but only with OTG extension and require UVC protocol support from APP. Our other product - OBSBOT Me is a better recommendation for android users.

Can OBSBOT Tiny 4K be used with Smart TV?

Yes, the OBSBOT Tiny 4K can be used with the Smart TVs which support UVC protocol, as well most of the Smart TV support this feature, but still, need to make sure this point before your purchase if it's the deal-breaker for you.

Does OBSBOT Tiny 4K support 60fps?

OBSBOT Tiny 4K supports up to 4K@30fps and 1080P@60fps

Does OBSBOT Tiny 4K support Linux?

Yes, besides Windows and macOS, the Tiny 4K supports Linux as well.

Does the device supports Windows Hello?

Sorry to tell you that OBSBOT Tiny 4K won't support Windows Hello.

Does OBSBOT Tiny 4K have the feature like AI Virtual Background?

OBSBOT Tiny 4K doesn’t support AI background, it’s a PTZ webcam that focuses on auto-tracking function.

Can the gesture control function of Tiny 4K be turned off?
Yes, the gesture control function of Tiny 4K can be disabled in the setting section on our WebCam App.
Does OBSBOT Tiny 4K support HDMI output?
OBSBOT Tiny Series do not support HDMI output itself, but you can purchase our OBSBOT UVC to HDMI adapter to transform the signal for the HDMI signal.
How can we do settings like white balance and brightness control?
You can use the OBSBOT WebCam for the detailed setting of these features.
Would this product work mounted upside down?
The OBSBOT Tiny 4K supports to be used upside down, as it will automatically flip upside down if you place the OBSBOT Tiny 4K upside down.