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Connect Freely with NDI HX3

Enable OBSBOT Tail Air to transmit high-quality videos over ethernet.
What is NDI?
NDI (Network Device Interface) is an open protocol designed for bidirectional video transmission over an Ethernet network in real-time. NDI-enabled products are widely used in live production system, making video creation and sharing much easier.
Optimal Transmission
Ultra-low Latency
NDI HX3's latency is as low as 100ms, comparable to the time it takes for you to blink.
Visually Lossless Video
Supporting streaming up to 4K at 60fps, NDI HX3 ensures every transmitted frame is crystal-clear.
Lower Bandwith Request
NDI HX3 significantly reduces bandwidth use, consuming around 50 Mbps for a 1080p60 stream.
Game-Changing Workflow with NDI
Without NDI
Wired Connection with NDI
Wireless Connection with NDI
A Simple, Powerful, Affordable Solution for All
House of Worship
Live Show
Online Conferences
NDI empowers your church events to reach and engage audiences from anywhere.
You have the flexibility to place OBSBOT Tail Air wherever needed, capturing close-up views from long distances, all while maintaining your sacred space's aesthetic appeal - Our Multicam system built with NDI minimizes cabling requirements, while Tail Air has the tiniest size.
Customize Your NDI-Empowered Multicam Solution with OBSBOT Tail Air
Get Your Multicam Kit at Lower Price
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Tail Air AI-Powered PTZ Streaming Camera *3
NDI License Key *3
USB-C to Ethernet Adapter *3
Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable *3
Smart Remote Control *1
Wide Compatibility
NDI-enabled OBSBOT Tail Air works seamlessly with a wide range of streaming softwares and virtual meeting softwares.
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Can NDI transmit other data besides video and audio?
Yes, NDI is versatile and can transmit metadata, control signals, and other ancillary data along with video and audio streams.
How do I choose between wired or wireless NDI connection?
You have the flexibility to choose either wired or wireless based on your needs. However, for enhanced stability in less-than-ideal network conditions, we recommend using a wired NDI connection, which requires additional accessories, including Ethernet cable and USB-C to Ethernet adapter.
Can NDI and HDMI be used simultaneously with OBSBOT Tail Air?
OBSBOT Tail Air doesn't support simultaneous output of NDI and HDMI video signals.
Can an NDI license key be used on multiple Tail Air devices?
No. A single NDI license key is tied to one Tail Air device.
What NDI formats does OBSBOT Tail Air support?
OBSBOT Tail Air supports both NDI | HX3® and NDI | HX2®.
Check our guidances to use
NDI with OBSBOT Tail Air.
NDI is a registered trademark of NewTek, Inc.