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Windows® 10 (64-bit) or later / macOS® 11.0 or later
Updated on 8/21/2023

OBSBOT MeetCam has been updated to OBSBOT WebCam for better compatibility, click the corresponding icon to download and start your OBSBOT Meet journey.

V2.0.6.2 Updates
1. Supports setting the initial working mode on power on【Tiny 2】
2. Supports replacing the fixed background protection image【Meet series】
3. Fixes some known bugs

OBSBOT Meet 4K Firmware

Updated on: 11/7/2022

v4.0.4.1 Updates
1. Added management of audio output in sleep state.
2. Added the function of flipping the output screen left and right.

1. After you update, download and install OBSBOT WebCam, please upgrade the latest product firmware according to the software's push prompts to ensure a complete functional experience.

OBSBOT Meet 4K User Manual

Updated on: 6/7/2022