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Will OBSBOT Meet/Meet 4K support macOS or Linux?

The OBSBOT Meet series hardware is able to work with both macOS and Linux, but we will not make the exclusive software for the Linux operating system.

How wide is the FOV (Field of view) of OBSBOT Meet/Meet 4K?

The FOV (Field of view) OF OBSBOT Meets would be 86°/78°/65°.

Would OBSBOT Meet/Meet 4K supports multi-cams usage? How many OBSBOT Meet devices can be used on one computer at the same time?

You can use multiple OBSBOT Meet devices for different positions at the same time, also, you can control up to 4 devices while using the OBSBOT Meet Remote Control and OBSBOT MeetCam.

What is the minimal focus length of OBSBOT Meet/Meet 4K?

The minimal focus length of the OBSBOT Meet series is 15 cm/5.90 inches.

Does OBSBOT Meet support Windows Hello?

The OBSBOT Meet series do not have a plan for supporting Windows Hello.

What is the maximum distance supported by the AI auto-framing function of the OBSBOT Meet series?

If the light environment is good, the farthest detection distance of the AI auto-framing function on the OBSBOT Meet series would be 5 meters.

Can the blurred background feature of OBSBOT Meet Series be adjustable?
The blurred background feature on OBSBOT Meet series is adjustable from 5%-100% in the OBSBOT WebCam software.
Can the background be blurred in OBSBOT Meet series when there are two people on the screen?
The OBSBOT Meet can absolutely handle the blurred effect when two people appear in the image.
Is OBSBOT Meet/Meet 4K waterproof?
Sorry to tell you that the OBSBOT Meet series is not waterproof, please be careful while using it around the water.
When wear VR glasses, will it affect the background blur or virtual background effect of OBSBOT Meet/Meet 4K?
Our Virtual background features are based on human body contour detection, so don't worry, the feature is available when you're wearing the VR devices.
Will there have any discernible lagging if I use an extension USB?
It actually depends on the extension USB quality that you use, generally, it won't influence too much.
Is it possible to customize the virtual picture on OBSBOT Meet Series?
The background replacement feature of the OBSBOT Meet series supports users to upload and use custom backgrounds in the OBSBOT WebCam software.
Will OBSBOT Meet series support HDMI output?
OBSBOT Meet series do not support HDMI output directly, but you can use OBSBOT UVC to HDMI adapter to transform the signal.