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Auto-Director AI Camera

The first shot of the future. The OBSBOT Tail auto tracking camera uses an advanced neural network to achieve AI tracking, intelligent composition, and power gesture. Equipped with the Sony CMOS sensor, Hoya optical lens system, and three-axis gimbal, it can deliver more inspiration for videography in a cool manner.
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Born for Vlog

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AI tracking. Stable and smooth video shooting performance with tracking even in the low light interior environment, busy streets, twisted body movements, unusual shooting angles, and noisy backgrounds.
Intelligent Coposition
The first in class to introduce AI technologies for a smart video shooting system, enabling the device to perform autonomous optimization and processing of composition.
Break free from limitations
OBSBOT Tail has a built-in 3-axis pan/tilt/zoom gimbal platform that effectively stabilizes the image during video shots.
Power Gesture
OBSBOT Tail has powerful gesture implementation in AI video shooting, empowering users to access a series of functions such as start recording, tracking, zoom and creative camera movements with natural simple gestures.
Multifunctional Studio App
Obsbot Studio App is much more than just a control panel. It also supports the application of filters in real-time. Its wide array of post-editing functions allows you to edit videos, set audio outputs, adjust colors and share your creations.
Optimal Camera performance
Equipped with a Sony CMOS sensor and Hoya optical lens system, OBSBOT Tail supports 3.5x optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom, 4K 60fps film quality recording and 240fps slow-motion.
Crucial Announcement: OBSBOT Tail Has Been Discontinued
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