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Auto-Director AI Camera

The first shot of the future. The OBSBOT Tail auto tracking camera uses an advanced neural network to achieve AI tracking, intelligent composition, and power gesture. Equipped with the Sony CMOS sensor, Hoya optical lens system, and three-axis gimbal, it can deliver more inspiration for videography in a cool manner.
  • AI

  • Intelligent

  • Power

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Born for Vlog

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AI tracking. Stable and smooth video shooting performance with tracking even in the low light interior environment, busy streets, twisted body movements, unusual shooting angles, and noisy backgrounds.

  • Crazy-time
  • Shar-lock
  • One-shot
  • Pet-tracking
  • Tap-lock
How cool AI tracking could be? In Crazy-time mode, OBSBOT Tail auto-tracking camera for sports can track targets1 up to 40 meters away and can track fast-moving targets with a maximum pan speed of 180°/s.
Intelligent composition3 keeps the target in the best position, always. The first in class to introduce AI technology for a smart video shooting system, enabling the device to perform autonomous optimization and processing of the composition. The unique Landscape Lock4 feature enables an auto zoom in/out process with a single gesture to achieve scene changing or locking.

Intelligent composition

In the default intelligent composition shooting, the target is always locked in the middle of the frame, making it easy for creators to keep subjects in the center.

Manual composition

By making a composition adjustment with the Obsbot Studio App, you can simply drag the subject across the screen to place it in the desired position.

Control the camera with a simple gesture5. OBSBOT Tail auto-tracking camera implements the power gesture for the first time in AI video shooting, empowering users to access a range of functions such as starting recording, tracking, zoom, and creative camera movements with natural simple gestures. Together with the Launch pad6, the power gesture unlocks over 30 control possibilities.

  • Select / Cancel

  • Start / Stop

  • Lens Lock

  • Zoom Control

  • Crazy Time

AI neural network. OBSBOT Tail AI camera uses an industry-leading AI image processor with a neutral network computing performance of 5TOPS7, i.e. more than 5 trillion computing operations per second. This is by far the smartest and most advanced AI chip for video shooting.

Camera performance that goes beyond dimensional constraints. Equipped with a Sony CMOS sensor and Hoya optical lens system, OBSBOT Tail auto-tracking camera supports 3.5x optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom, 4K 60fps film quality recording and 240fps slow-motion.



  • 4

    Hoya Lens

  • 3.5x HOYA

    Optical lens system

  • 10x

    Hybrid zoom

  • 12MP


  • 21-74mm

    Equivalent focal length

  • f/2.4-5.0


  • 92° wide-angle - 32°

    Long focus

  • Up to 60fps 4K


  • Up to 240fps 1080P

    Slow motion recording

Break free from limitations with a 3-axis gimbal. OBSBOT Tail AI-tracking camera has a built-in three-axis pan/tilt/zoom gimbal platform that effectively stabilizes the image during video shots. With a 360° lock-free horizontal pan achieving a maximum speed of 180/s, it can achieve rapid, unrestricted shooting.

Summon your own Vlog magician. Obsbot Studio App is much more than just a control panel. It also supports the application of filters in real-time. Its wide array of post-editing functions8 allow you to edit videos, set audio outputs, adjust colors using 3D-LUT and share your creations via just your fingertips.

  • Launch pad
    You can add up to 30 cinematic effects to shoot on the basis of in-built machine operated rhythms on your command.
  • Mirror video
    Supports mirror image in real-time or during post-editing for dance practice and solo video shots.
  • Live streaming
    Real-time support for RTMP live broadcast.

Capture your imagination. OBSBOT Tail video camera for vlogging is the result of our unique vision for the future of video recording. With such diversified and powerful AI video shooting capabilities, it can capture all the exciting moments in your life!


Auto-Director AI Camera

Obsbot Tail
  • AI

  • Intelligent

  • Power

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1. Target/Subject: AI tracking is only applicable for human, dog and cat.

2. Shar-lock feature: OBSBOT Tail AI auto-tracking camera will automatically build a comprehensive visual model of the tracking target and accurately identifies it. When a character is in a complex environment or encounters an obstacle, and returns to the field of vision in a short time, OBSBOT Tail can search and track the person's shot again for the first time.

3. Intelligent composition: OBSBOT Vision automatically and accurately identifies the location of the target based on an all-round visual model.

4. Landscape Lock: Accurately identify the target size and fine align the camera with an omnidirectional visual model. The focus position keeps the target in the selected scene. This feature is built into the Launch pad.

5. OBSBOT gesture function: Custom operation is coming soon, so keep an eye out for the official update of OBSBOT.

6. Launch pad: OBSBOT's lens console. Users can click on the traditional operation mirror to experience a new automatic mirror shooting powered by AI algorithm.

7. 5TOPS:A TOPS equals trillions (=10^12) operations per second.

8. Post-editing functions such as 3D-LUT for the app will be released gradually. Stay tuned for the official update of OBSBOT.