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USD $499.00
  • Advanced AI Auto Tracking
  • UHD Resolutions up to 4K@30fps / 1080P@60fps
  • Seamless NDI Connectivity
  • Multi-port Connections
  • Exclusive App Support
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[OBSBOT Tail Air] Pack
USD $499.00
1 * OBSBOT Tail Air 1 * Storage Box 1 * USB-C Male to Dual USB-C Female Splitter 1 * USB-C Cable 1 * USB-C to USB-A Adapter
[OBSBOT Tail Air] Remote Combo
USD $649.00
USD $677.00
1 * [OBSBOT Tail Air] Pack 1 * OBSBOT Tail Air Smart Remote Controller 1 * NDI License Key
[OBSBOT Tail Air] PowerUp Combo
USD $839.89
USD $899.89
1 * [OBSBOT Tail Air] Pack 1 * OBSBOT Tail Air Smart Remote Controller 1 * NDI License Key 1 * USB-C to Ethernet Adapter 1 * Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable 1 * ND Filters Set 1 * Extendable Tripod
[OBSBOT Tail Air] Multicam Combo
USD $2,099.00
USD $2,214.70
3 * [OBSBOT Tail Air] Pack 1 * OBSBOT Tail Air Smart Remote Controller 3 * NDI License Key 3 * USB-C to Ethernet Adapter 3 * Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable
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OBSBOT Tail Air Smart Remote Controller
USD $79.00
OBSBOT Smart Remote Controller lets you extend more possibilities to control your Tail Air device freely without installation of the Application. With connection via bluetooth, you can now manage up to 3 Tail Air devices for your livestreaming workflow.
NDI License Key
USD $99.00
With support for NDI|HX3, the OBSBOT Tail Air can provide higher quality live streaming video with low bandwidth via Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection.
USB-C to Ethernet Adapter
USD $99.00
Designed specifically for the connection between OBSBOT Tail Air device and wired network, providing stable and smooth ethernet connectivity in compact and friendly appearance.
USD $499.00
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Upgraded AI Auto Tracking
Our industry-leading AI algorithm ensures auto uninterrupted tracking for humans, pets, or any objects, even amidst obstacles or at high speeds.
4K Ultra-clear Images
Experience crystal-clear video quality with resolutions up to 4K@30fps / 1080P@60fps. Outstanding video performance even in low-light conditions, credit to its 2μm large pixel size and ƒ1.8 aperture.
Seamless NDI Connectivity
Through wired or wireless NDI connection, establish seamless live streaming workflow in a minute, and engage with your audience or team members anywhere.
Multi-port Connections
No more hassles on mismatched ports. Now, you can easily connect Tail Air using USB-C, micro HDMI, or even a PoE-supported Ethernet cable.

*Note: Wired Ethernet connection requires the dedicated USB-C to Ethernet Adapter for Tail Air.
Optimal Solution for MultiCam Streaming
With advanced AI capabilities and wide compatibility, OBSBOT Tail Air is the optimal choice for swiftly and affordably building a multi-camera shooting system.
Exclusive App Support
Obsbot Start's interface is designed for simplicity, complemented by thoughtful features that put complete control at your fingertips.
Smart Remote Controller
Make the most of Tail Air' intelligence with its perfect companion - The smart remote control grants you precise control over Tail Air's various features.
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What's in the box
USB-C Cable
OBSBOT Tail Air Storage Box
USB-C Male to Dual USB-C Female Splitter
USB-C to USB-A Adapter
Can I use OBSBOT Tail Air as a webcam?

Yes, OBSBOT Tail Air can be used as a webcam.

Does OBSBOT Tail Air support recording while livestreaming?

Yes, OBSBOT Tail Air supports live streaming when using the SD card to record the outputted video.

Does Tail Air have a built-in microphone? Can I record audio from an external microphone?
How many charging methods does Tail Air have?

Tail Air has three charging methods: a USB-C to C cable, PoE (Power Over Ethernet cable), and an external 360-degree rotating base for charging.

If I don't have a remote, can I use my phone to control OBSBOT Tail Air?

There are several ways to control OBSBOT Tail Air. Besides the Smart Remote Controller, you can download the Obsbot Start App to control the Tail Air device on your phone and tablet.

How many is the max for the Multicam setup for OBSBOT Tail Air?

The setup of your solution affects compatibility. Currently, our mobile app allows pairing of a single device with one mobile. The Smart Remote Controller can control up to three Tail Air devices. If you utilize the OBSBOT Webcam software for computers, its capability increases. With Tail Air devices connected to NDI, there's theoretically no limit to the number of devices, provided your network status can support this setup. For a wired connection, the number of ports and capabilities of your switcher are key factors for Tail Air's multicam setup.

Is Tail Air's internal battery replaceable?

The battery in Tail Air is not replaceable. If you need extra endurance, consider our 360° play-more combo. Alternatively, you can use a power bank to extend the device's endurance.

Can I control the OBSBOT Tail Air with an NDI Controller/Switcher or only with the control?

With NDI丨HX3 support, OBSBOT Tail Air can be controlled via the NDI protocol supported Controller and Switcher.

Is it possible to remote control the camera through LAN?

As the OBSBOT Tail Air supports the VISCA and NDI, you can control your devices via LAN by supported control panels or softwares.