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Can this device shoot upside-down?

Yes, OBSBOT Tail Air can shoot from upside-down. The video image will automatically flip when the device is installed upside-down.

Can I use OBSBOT Tail Air as a webcam?

Yes, OBSBOT Tail Air can be used as a webcam.

How many Tail Air devices can be controlled with the Smart Remote Controller?

Up to three Tail Air devices can be connected with one Smart Remote Controller, and no extra app is required to activate the AI Auto Tracking, PTZ, and other powerful features when using the Remote Controller.

Does OBSBOT Tail Air support recording while livestreaming?

Yes, OBSBOT Tail Air supports live streaming when using the SD card to record the outputted video.

Does Tail Air have a built-in microphone? Can I record audio from an external microphone?
How many charging methods does Tail Air have?

Tail Air has three charging methods: a USB-C to C cable, PoE (Power Over Ethernet cable), and an external 360-degree rotating base for charging.

What is the difference in AI Auto Tracking between Tail Air and Tiny 2?

The AI Auto Tracking for Tail Air supports not only Human Tracking but also Animal Tracking and Object Tracking. The feature on Tiny 2 supports Human Tracking only.

What is the requirement of the micro SD card for Tail Air?

We recommend using a U3 micro SD card, and OBSBOT Tail Air supports micro SD cards in exFAT and Fat32 formats (NTFS not included). Its maximum storage capacity is 512GB.

If I don't have a remote, can I use my phone to control OBSBOT Tail Air?

There are several ways to control OBSBOT Tail Air. Besides the Smart Remote Controller, you can download the Obsbot Start App to control the Tail Air device on your phone and tablet.

Can OBSBOT Tail Air be used via wifi (without any cable) connected to computer and be used as camera in Google Meet, Microsoft Teams?

You can use the OBSBOT Tail Air as a camera for meeting software (including Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc.) over a wireless connection with your computer. This can be done via NDI, RTSP, or by outputting the virtual camera's signal to the appropriate software.

How many is the max for the Multicam setup for OBSBOT Tail Air?

The setup of your solution affects compatibility. Currently, our mobile app allows pairing of a single device with one mobile. The Smart Remote Controller can control up to three Tail Air devices. If you utilize the OBSBOT Webcam software for computers, its capability increases. With Tail Air devices connected to NDI, there's theoretically no limit to the number of devices, provided your network status can support this setup. For a wired connection, the number of ports and capabilities of your switcher are key factors for Tail Air's multicam setup.

Can I have the PoE specs of OBSBOT Tail Air?

The relevant info is as followed:

  • Data Link Protocol:Ethernet
  • Data Transfer Rate:10/100 Mbps
  • Power-Over-Ethernet:IEEE 802.3 af, Max power 13W USB-C
  • Charge Port:5V/2A
  • USB-C to OBSBOT Tail Air:5V/2A
Is Tail Air's internal battery replaceable?

The battery in Tail Air is not replaceable. If you need extra endurance, consider our 360° play-more combo. Alternatively, you can use a power bank to extend the device's endurance.

I would like to use 2 OBSBOT Tail Air cameras. What I need to have in order to use this cameras? A switcher or PoE?

To capture a video signal, connect your two devices to the same switcher using either a micro HDMI or USB port. If you need to control the devices, our smart remote can manage up to three at once. For a Power over Ethernet (PoE) connection, use a VISCA-compatible control panel to handle your Tail Air devices. If you're controlling and receiving video signals from more than two Tail Air devices, consider using NDI supported hardware or software.

Can I control the OBSBOT Tail Air with an NDI Controller/Switcher or only with the control?

With NDI丨HX3 support, OBSBOT Tail Air can be controlled via the NDI protocol supported Controller and Switcher.

Is it possible to remote control the camera through LAN?

As the OBSBOT Tail Air supports the VISCA and NDI, you can control your devices via LAN by supported control panels or softwares.