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Last Updated · April 25, 2024

120 Video Ideas to Elevate Your Content for Success

video ideas

The first vlog was filmed in 2000. After over two decades, the world is still obsessed with watching vlogs. If you're considering starting a YouTube channel to publish vlogs, you're in the right place. In this blog post, we've compiled 120 vlog ideas that you can easily produce and kickstart your channel. The idea is to take what's popular but add your unique twist.

But first…let's make sure where we draw the line of what a vlog is.

Part 1: What's a Vlog and How It's Different Than Other Videos

Vlogs are personal video blogs that often combine storytelling with real-life visuals, differentiating them from more structured, scripted content. At the core of it, a vlog tells a story from your point of view.

Vlogs are not video podcasts or webinars. While some vlogs indirectly educate, the main goal of the vlog is to entertain. It gives viewers a slice of another person's or family's life. Ultimately, vlogs allow for a personal connection with the audience. This distinction from other video types is important as you explore the ideas below.

Part 2: 5 Factors to Help You Choose the Best Vlog Ideas

Other factors can affect your decision about which vlog ideas to start with. Considering these factors will help you narrow the ideas and only film what resonates with you and your audience.

Identify Your Niche

Focus on one audience segment in the beginning. This lets you determine the types of vlogs you'll produce and publish initially. For example, if you plan to build a community around parents, producing family vlogs provides more fun and value.

Focus on Your Zone of Genius

What's one topic that you're most passionate about? Do you consider yourself an expert on this topic? Your passion makes your content more engaging, while your expertise can establish your authority in the subject.

Consider Your Equipment

Start with what you have. Knowing which equipment you'll use will narrow down the vlog types you will produce. For example, if you only have your phone for vlogging without a gimbal, it's very hard to record travel vlogs. But you can easily record unboxing or shopping haul vlogs.

If you have a vlog camera like OBSBOT Tail Air, you can film your videos freely and creatively.

Key Features of OBSBOT Tail Air

  • AI-Powered Tracking: Automatically follows subjects for smooth and professional vlogging shots.
  • 4K Ultra HD Resolution: Captures crystal-clear videos with stunning detail.
  • Smart Shooting Modes: Offers a variety of shooting modes for different scenarios, including portrait, landscape, and group shots.
  • Gesture Control: Enables easy hands-free operation for solo vloggers.
  • Portable Design: Compact and lightweight for convenient on-the-go vlogging.

Learn the Right Length

On average, YouTube videos are around 11 minutes long. But with the popularity of YouTube shorts, some vlogs can be as short as 60 seconds. That's why it's important to understand your niche and topic, as it can help you determine how long your videos will be. Travel vlogs are longer while shopping hauls can be short.

Test out different types of video lengths and see how often and how long viewers watch the videos.

Think About Your Goal

Even if you're just starting, think about your end goal. Is your goal to make money from ads? Or are you planning to sell a service or product? Understanding your goals allows you to be creative with how you will make money. For example, most full-time vloggers earn from selling memberships to their viewers where they get access to exclusive content. Start your YouTube channel today and share YouTube videos that will inspire, entertain, and connect with your audience.

Part 3: 120 Easy Vlog Ideas to Kickstart Your Channel

All right. Now that you've got the basics down. It's time to take your camera out and start filming with our list of ideas.

We've divided this list into the 8 most common types of vlog format.

15 Video Ideas for Day in the Life or BTS (Behind-the-scenes)

Naturally, a day-in-the-life is the classic vlog format. Start with this one if you just want to get your feet wet. You don't have to be a celebrity to film BTS!

But remember, if you're in a public space, make sure it's okay to film. Some stores and establishments ban recording. Plus, be cautious about showing sensitive information in your videos, such as meeting transcripts or private documents.

Do a makeup routine with a twist. Try someone else's routine and show your viewers how it's working (or not) for you.

  1. Take your viewers grocery shopping with you and show your favorite items to buy.
  2. Showcase your morning routine from waking up to heading out the door.
  3. Share your work-from-home setup and how you stay productive and organized.
  4. Spend a day documenting the life of a freelancer, including client calls and project work.
  5. Cook your favorite meal while taking your viewers on a tour of your kitchen.
  6. Walk through a typical day of a small business owner and showcase the most challenging and exciting parts of the day.
  7. Film a day of digital detox, showing alternative activities you engage in without screens.
  8. Capture a workout routine or a home exercise session, discussing your fitness goals.
  9. Show a day spent on personal development, including reading, meditation, and learning.
  10. Document your pet care routine, including feeding, walks, and playtime.
  11. Record a day dedicated to self-care routines, such as skin care or a spa day at home.
  12. Create a vlog showing how you plan your week, including scheduling tasks and setting priorities.
  13. Show how you unwind at the end of a busy day.
  14. Take your viewers on a tour of your house or apartment and show your most prized collections.

15 Video Ideas for Unboxing and First Impressions

What items do you usually order and can't stop talking about? These items are perfect for unboxing and first-impression videos.

Any item can work here. It doesn't need to be fancy! Some vloggers have an entire channel dedicated to their slime collection.

  1. Unbox a mystery tech gadget and have your viewers guess its functions before you reveal them.
  2. Do a fashion unboxing, where you try on different outfits and give your first impressions.
  3. Unbox and test a new fitness gadget or accessory. Test if the claims are true!
  4. Review a newly released book that everyone's talking about.
  5. Unbox and taste test a variety of snacks from a different country.
  6. Open a new art supply kit and create something on camera to test the quality.
  7. Review a new video game right after its release, showing the first level or gameplay features.
  8. Unbox and set up a new piece of furniture. Talk about how easy or hard it is to set up!
  9. Do a children's toy unboxing with your kids, showing their reactions and the toy's features.
  10. Test out a new kitchen appliance by cooking a recipe that utilizes its main functions.
  11. Unbox and review a new smartphone or tablet, focusing on the design and user interface.
  12. Try out a new beauty gadget, like a hair styling tool or skin care device, and share the results.
  13. Unbox a new musical instrument and play it, discussing its features and sound quality.
  14. Review a subscription box, whether it's for food, clothing, or hobbies, and rate each item.
  15. Unbox and review a new pet product, like a toy or gadget, with your pet's help.

15 Video Ideas for How-to Vlogs

Yes, vlogs are not educational, but it can be a how-to video. What's unique about how-to vlogs is that you are still telling a story. For example, if you're an AI expert, you can tell a story about a new tool you discovered and teach your viewers how to use it.

The key here is to choose something that you're an expert in.

  1. Teach how to tie various types of knots and how they can be used to transform clothes in your closet into a new outfit.
  2. Create a tutorial on how to clean kitchen equipment like an Instant Pot while talking about how it got so dirty.
  3. Demonstrate the process of planting and caring for a vegetable garden from seed to harvest.
  4. Explain using AI photo editing software while discussing a family milestone.
  5. Guide viewers through building a simple piece of furniture, like a bookshelf.
  6. Choose a simple Lego build and show how to build block by block.
  7. Choose a trending video and show how to mimic that editing style.
  8. Create a guide for knitting a simple scarf, detailing each type of stitch.
  9. Show how to prepare a complex coffee drink, like a homemade latte or cappuccino.
  10. Provide a step-by-step guide on how to turn trash into an upcycled material, like a new plant pot. Teach
  11. the basics of drawing famous cartoon characters and explain the story behind those characters.
  12. Tell a story about how you made a piece of jewelry that your friends really liked.
  13. Demonstrate making natural beauty products like face masks or scrubs at home.
  14. Provide a guide on setting up and maintaining a freshwater aquarium, including fish care tips.
  15. Show viewers how to prepare for a vlog.

15 Video Ideas for DIY Projects

Vlogging about a DIY project takes more commitment but can be satisfying to you and your viewers. This takes a bit of coordination, as you might be recording different scenes for a long time.

When vlogging about DIY projects, consider which phase you want to focus on. Do you want to take viewers for the entire journey? For example, if you're renovating your kitchen, do you want to include how you decided on the design or the actual construction?

  1. Design and create your wall art using your kids' doodles.
  2. Build a birdhouse from recycled materials like a milk carton and document the process, including tips on making it safe and inviting for birds.
  3. Create a custom lampshade using fabric and embellishments to personalize a room's decor.
  4. Set up a small water feature in your garden, filming the construction and setup.
  5. Refurbish an old piece of furniture, showing before and after transformations and detailing the refurbishing techniques used.
  6. Craft handmade jewelry, such as necklaces or bracelets, and explain the techniques and materials used.
  7. Choose a random DIY project from Pinterest and film the entire process of trying a new project you have no idea of doing.
  8. Develop a scrapbook project from start to finish, sharing tips on layout and preservation.
  9. Build a custom spice rack to organize your kitchen and how you plan to use each spice in your recipes.
  10. Create eco-friendly cleaning products at home and demonstrate their effectiveness in real cleaning scenarios.
  11. Develop a handmade Christmas decoration from items you already have in the house, such as old ribbons and Nespresso pods.
  12. Assemble a homemade pizza oven in your backyard and share the building process and the first pizza-making experience.
  13. Design and sew a custom tote bag, highlighting the pattern-making and sewing process.
  14. Find a trending AI art and film the journey of recreating it.
  15. Build and decorate a custom playhouse made entirely of cardboard boxes and see how kids love (or hate) it.

15 Video Ideas for Travel Vlogs

A travel vlog is arguably the most fun to film and watch. But you don't have to be traveling full-time to do this. A travel adventure can start close to home. It's all about how you're telling your story.

Here are a few ideas to try that can take you as near as a local coffee shop or as far as a new country!

  1. Go to a popular tourist spot in your city that you've never visited before. Pretend to be a tourist.
  2. Partner with another vlogger and visit a pet cafe.
  3. Tour the latest coffee shop in town and do a taste test.
  4. Try all the new games at the arcade and see how many tickets you win.
  5. Explore a local flea market and find the cheapest things you can buy.
  6. Visit a luxury store and showcase the most expensive things you can buy. You don't have to buy the items!
  7. Attend a random, nearby event in your town and try to blend in.
  8. Visit an escape room with friends and capture the fun and challenge without giving away the solutions.
  9. Spend a day at a nearby beach and find random stuff in the sand.
  10. If you've got the budget, book a 5-star hotel and vlog about its most luxurious amenities.
  11. Go to the most popular restaurant in your town and try the most popular dish. Is it worth the hype?
  12. Vlog about what you pack in your suitcase for a 3-day trip.
  13. Go to a waterpark and film the most daring water slide!
  14. Produce a series of visiting abandoned places or ghost towns, revealing their history and current state.
  15. Organize a midnight city tour, exploring its after-hours culture and nightlife.

15 Video Ideas for Fitness or Health Routine

This is a must-do type of vlog if you have a health and fitness channel. It's also very easy to do! The important thing here is to show a process step by step. It can be as simple as your night moisturizing routine or a day at the gym.

  1. Showcase a morning yoga routine with specific poses to energize and positively start the day.
  2. Film a daily meditation and journaling session emphasizing mental clarity and goal setting.
  3. Document your weekly meal prep focusing on nutritious, balanced meals that support fitness goals.
  4. Share a daily biking routine combining cardio and exploring new trails or scenic routes.
  5. Provide insights into a nightly stretching and foam rolling session to aid recovery and flexibility.
  6. Create a vlog about integrating walking meetings into your workday for movement and productivity.
  7. Demonstrate a resistance band workout routine that can be done anywhere.
  8. Show a pre-workout snack preparation that focuses on energy-boosting ingredients.
  9. Film your hydration routine throughout the day, highlighting the importance of water in fitness and wellness.
  10. Share the impact of a weekly dance class on fitness, showcasing different styles and their benefits.
  11. Detail a routine using fitness apps to guide workout sessions and track progress.
  12. Document the process and benefits of adopting a plant-based diet as a fitness regimen.
  13. Introduce a 'tech detox' evening routine that includes activities like reading and light stretching instead of screen time.
  14. Share a routine of periodic health checks and how they contribute to overall fitness goals.
  15. Demonstrate a routine of preparing homemade natural sports drinks for hydration and recovery.

15 Video Ideas for Food Vlogs

Everyone can't get enough of food. Some people spend hours watching YouTubers eat spicy noodles. While other YouTubers dedicate their time to rating desserts in theme parks.

What's great about food vlogging is that it is easily accessible. You can vlog about your recipes at home. But you can also take a culinary adventure and try out exotic restaurants. The vlog ideas are endless!

  1. Explore the world of vegan fast food, comparing plant-based options at popular fast food chains.
  2. Create a series where you cook and taste traditional dishes from every country, starting with lesser-known cuisines.
  3. Host a blind taste test of trending snack foods from different regions, guessing the flavors and origins.
  4. Vlog a visit to local farmers' markets, focusing on seasonal produce and creating meals from your finds.
  5. Experiment with recreating viral TikTok recipes, documenting the successes and challenges.
  6. Dive into fermentation, making foods like kimchi, kombucha, or sourdough from scratch.
  7. Take on a zero-waste cooking challenge, demonstrating how to use every part of ingredients to reduce food waste.
  8. Compare the taste and preparation of exotic fruits, offering tips on selecting and serving them.
  9. Do a cooking challenge using only ingredients bought from a dollar store.
  10. Host a series on futuristic foods, including lab-grown meat and insect-based proteins.
  11. Create a series where you only eat foods of a specific color daily, documenting the variety and nutritional impact.
  12. Profile different food truck cuisines in your city, focusing on their unique dishes and stories.
  13. Conduct a series of "secret menu" tastings at popular eateries, revealing how to order these hidden gems.
  14. Compare homemade versions of popular fast foods with their restaurant counterparts to see which tastes better.
  15. Document the experience of eating at highly-rated restaurants that operate on a 'pay-what-you-can' basis.

15 Video Ideas for Family Vlogs

Out of all the vlog types, a family vlog is probably the hardest to film, especially if you have little ones running around. But it is also one of the most popular types of vlogs!

You'll have to establish safety rules and boundaries with your family before filming. For example, some parents vlog about their lives but don't reveal their kids' names.

  1. Vlog about the latest milestone in the family and how challenging it is.
  2. Buy an inflatable pool and vlog about the highs and lows with families.
  3. Organize a family game night and document the competitive spirit and fun moments.
  4. Create a vlog documenting a day spent volunteering as a family, highlighting the importance of giving back.
  5. Film a "day in the life" during a holiday season, capturing traditions and festive activities.
  6. Film a day of decluttering. Go over nostalgic and discarded items.
  7. Take the family on a mystery outing where the destination is a surprise for everyone.
  8. Document the process of teaching a pet new tricks with the help of the whole family.
  9. Explore cooking a family recipe passed down through generations, discussing its history and significance.
  10. Record a family fitness challenge, encouraging healthy activities and friendly competition.
  11. Host a family art day, where each member creates something and explains their artwork. Secretly announce the winner at the end of the vlog.
  12. Capture the process of setting up a family book club, discussing each member's book choice.
  13. Inspired by Modern Family, document a "technology-free" day, showing alternative activities that encourage family bonding. Choose a prize for the family member who went offline the longest.
  14. Create a family scrapbook or photo album of the weirdest and funniest photos.
  15. Film buying camping equipment and learning how to set it up while teaching toddlers how to use it.

Wrapping Up

Phew! There you have it. We've covered 120 vlog ideas that you can try to start your YouTube channel. Hopefully, these ideas inspired unique ideas tailored to your vibe and viewers. What's your favorite, and which one will you film first?