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Last Updated · May 08, 2024

Best Game Streaming Setup: Beginner to Pro

game streaming setup

Whether you are a beginner or a pro gamer, an excellent streamer gaming setup should be your priority. For your convenience, in this blog, we have mentioned the ultimate streaming setup requirements for both beginners and Pros, along with the key features for each equipment (that you should look for while building your very own setup), we also recommend one of the best products considered in the market as per them.

Part 1: What You Need for a Gaming Streaming Setup?

Alright now, it's time to know the requirements for the streaming gaming setup.

Basic Game Streaming Setup for Beginners

1. Game PC

When you are about to set up for game streaming, your gaming PC acts as the heart. So, be very cautious while choosing the game PC for your setup. The key requirements for a game PC should be a high-performance graphics card, ample RAM, and a powerful processor. If you opt for a desktop PC, the customization and future upgrades would be easier. But if you wish to enjoy your streaming with a laptop, a high-end processor, and a good graphics card supporting the game, must be your need.

Key features you should consider when choosing a game PC:

  • Processor: Intel Core i5 5th Gen or AMD Ryzen 5 or higher
  • Graphic Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 580 or higher
  • RAM: At least 16GB
  • SSD: At least 256GB SSD
  • Power Supply: 500W or higher of power supply
  • Display Monitor: Must support 1080p resolution, 120Hz refresh rate

Recommend game PC:

  • ASUS TUF Gaming F15
  • Alienware m15 R4

2. Stable Internet

The second most important essentiality for a game streaming setup is a stable and smooth internet connection. An unstable or dodgy internet connection could deteriorate your streaming quality as well as your audience experience. Make sure to use an ethernet connection having sufficient bandwidth for a stable internet. You may now think about what should be an ideal internet bandwidth for game streaming platforms. Well, here we have listed the base requirements of the speed (both download & upload) that are necessary to help you stream lag-free at 1080p.

Note: We have added a buffer of 2-3 Mbps for both upload and download as, at times, the internet speed can fluctuate. So it is better to have these internet speeds so that you do need not to worry about fluctuations.


  • @30fps with the bitrate not exceeding 4500 kbps, 8.5 Mbps (upload & download both) will be good enough.
  • @60fps with the bitrate not exceeding 6000 kbps, 10 Mbps (upload & download both) will be good enough.


  • @60fps with the bitrate not exceeding 1000 kbps - 8000 kbps, 3.5 Mbps - 13 Mbps (upload & download both) will be good enough.


  • @30fps with the bitrate ranging from 3000 kbps - 8000 kbps, 6 Mbps - 13 Mbps (upload & download both) will be good enough.
  • @60fps with the bitrate ranging from 4000 kbps - 10000 kbps, 7.5 Mbps – 15.5 Mbps (upload & download both) will be good enough.


  • @30fps with the bitrate ranging from 3000 kbps - 6000 kbps, 6 Mbps - 10 Mbps (upload & download both) will be good enough.
  • @60fps with the bitrate ranging from 4500 kbps - 9000 kbps, 8 Mbps - 14 Mbps (upload & download both) will be good enough.

3. Webcam

You should have a high-quality webcam to perfectly showcase your face while playing.

The must-have key features of a high-quality webcam are listed below for your reference:

  • Price: Determine the budget you can spend to buy an ideal streaming camera for you. There are great options available in both mid-range and high-range streaming cameras.
  • Capture Resolution & Image quality: To ensure the output quality of your stream, it must offer 1080p of at least video capture quality. Having a PTZ stream feature cam can be a great plus if it suits your budget.
  • Compatibility and Connectivity: It should be easy to connect and supported by your PC. Prefer going with either HDMI or USB compatible for plug-and-play connectivity.
  • Auto Focus: It will help you keep in focus when you're moving around while playing the game.

For your convenience, we list the recommendation for one of the best webcams available in the market, i.e. OBSBOT Tiny 2. This camera is high quality and is packed with powerful features. 

Key features of OBSBOT Tiny 2:

  • This AI-powered stream cam offers the finest video quality with the help of a 1/1.5'' CMOS sensor and offers 4K 30fps and 1080P 60fps resolution.
  • With the help of its PDAF (Phase Detection Auto Focus) technology, it can quickly focus on the objects and track them automatically.
  • With its AI capabilities, it can detect faces pretty easily.
  • Compatible with streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, OBS, etc.

4. Microphone

The next important factor for the best streaming setup is the microphone. A good microphone improves the quality of the stream entirely.

Here is what you should look for before buying a microphone for your setup:

  • Connectivity, prefer to go with the USB compatible device. This is because if you opt for an XLR mic, you will need to additionally invest in a mixer too.
  • For streaming, it is ideal to opt for a mic with a standard Cardioid Polar Pattern for the most effective audio capturing.
  • Your mic should be able to pick up sound frequencies from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz range.

For your convenience we have listed a couple of microphones that are ideal for game streaming setup:

  • Elgato Wave:3
  • Blue Yeti Nano

5. Game Streaming Platform

Choosing a reliable game stream platform also plays a crucial role in a perfect game streaming setup. The key to opting for the best streaming platform starts with finding the ideal audience and how much benefit you get to enjoy with the platform services.

Here's a rundown of the features that you must consider:

  • Start with a platform whose interface is easily understandable to you, or else you won't be able to make full use of its features and services.
  • Video hosting, organizing, and management should be easy to carry out.
  • Ensure the streaming platform offers password-protected streams so that you can securely do live streaming.
  • Select the platform based on your viewers. They will, eventually help you to achieve monetization faster.
  • Also, consider how many monetization options the platform is offering such as subscriptions or advertising.
  • The platform you're going to stream supports RTMP streaming or not. Along, with it, look for it it offers adaptive bitrate streaming, intuitive analytics, and monitoring.
  • Moreover, if the platform is offering your on-the-go video editing and embedding, that will be a great plus.

Recommend streaming software:

  • OBS
  • Restream

Additional Game Streaming Setup for Pros

1. Audio Mixer

An audio mixer in your setup could make the setup even more versatile. With an audio mixer, you can adjust the background music and sound levels as well. Also, do remember while choosing your audio mixer that it should have a reliable connector for your microphone.

Look for these features when opting for an audio mixer:

  • It must be able to control the background music volume.
  • Must be able to mix the sounds of the multiple guests that are on your stream.
  • It must offer effortless connectivity for streaming with a gaming console and XLR mics.
  • Opt for the Type that suits you. Analog mixers are affordable and easier to get handy with. But with Digital mixers you have a range of functions for connecting multiple devices and tuning audio.
  • The price is yet again an important factor. A decent audio mixer can be bought for nearly $100.

Here are the most sought after choice when it comes to Audio Mixers:

  • Behringer X Air X18 – This audio mixer is packed with USB Interface and on top of that also supports wireless control.
  • RodeCaster Pro – This audio mixer offers 4 XLR inputs packed with a large touchscreen with an automatic level setting.

2. Proper Light

Yes, it seems obvious but is a must in the list. Proper lighting while streaming boosts your streaming experience even 10 times. Choosing some simple yet reliable lighting equipment could change the streaming game tremendously.

Here's what you should look for while buying lighting equipment:

  • Make a budget as lighting can turn out to be costly.
  • Ensure, to evaluate the dimensions of your recording space before buying lighting equipment. You do not want to congest your recording environment with big lighting equipment.
  • Not every Light is the same! Yes, there are 3 major lights made up of Tungsten, Halogen, and LED. LED is the modern and the go-to option due to its flexibility of switching between warm and cold lighting environments as per your need.

Here is the most sought-after choice when it comes to Lighting:

  • Elgato Key Light: This lighting equipment is a versatile option for any streamers as it offers adjustable color temperatures which you can effortlessly control via its Light control app from your mobile device. Moreover, the design is durable and offers adjustable placement of light.

game streaming setup elgato key light

3. Adjustable Green Screen

Many times, changing the background of your streaming becomes the point of urgency. Here is where a green screen plays a crucial role. If you want to use an adjustable green screen for your streaming, you should know that there are various green screen products available. They could be in the form of a stand, gaming chair, etc.

Part 2: FAQS for Game Streaming Setup?

1. How much does it cost to tie video game streaming?

The cost to tie the video game streaming may vary depending on the quality and range of equipment you choose. You can easily tie a video game streaming within the budget of $300-$400 for a beginner level, while it may take up to $500-$700 to tie a level gaming setup. But most importantly, you must own a gaming PC or laptop all ready to fit in this budget range. Or else, you will need to buy a gaming PC or laptop to get started, which will add another $1000 to this video game streaming setup budget.

2. What is the most profitable game to stream?

Are you searching for games that could help you to earn more money? Here is a list of some games that could be profitable to stream:

  • Fortnite
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Albion Online
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Minecraft
  • Dota 2
  • Dead By Daylight

3. Do you need a license to stream a game?

The need for a license to stream a game depends on the particular game you are choosing to stream and its developer's policies. Some developers allow streaming without any restrictions while some put restrictions. So, it is recommended to go through the developer's content guidelines or End User License Agreement (EULA) before streaming.


Streaming has become a crucial way to share the joy of gaming with others. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting, a well-configured streaming setup can enhance your audience's experience. It could help to take your broadcasts to the next level. We have discussed here the basic to pro gamer streamer setup and the best equipment that you can opt for. With the power of technology, create a memorable and engaging streaming that captures the passion and excitement of your gameplay. The ultimate streaming setup will turn your love of gaming into an unforgettable spectacle for viewers worldwide.