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Last Updated · December 14, 2023

How to Choose the Best FPS for Video [2024 Updated]

best fps for video

Think of a cool sped-up transition or slow-motion video you watched last time that left you amazed by its smoothness. Do you want to replicate the same quality in your videos? If yes, then go ahead. Choosing the right frame rate for video is one of the most essential things to consider as it decides the overall quality and look of the content. 

Without further ado, let's take you through the blog and understand everything you need to know about video framerates.

Part 1: What Is Frame Rate?

Frame Rate is nothing but the number of frames per second recorded by your camera. Hence, when you watch a movie or YouTube video, you are not watching a video. Technically that video is a collection of moving images that are shot by the camera within seconds. So, these images or frames move fast enough to create an illusion of motion. 

For instance, a framerate of 24fps represents 24 images loading in a single second. The higher the frame rate, the faster frames will load to give you a lag-free and smoother watching experience.

Part 2: Why FPS Matters in Video Production?

Frame rate has great importance in video production because of its huge impact on the viewer's experience. Also, it is responsible for the overall look and feel of the video. You will experience significant lag and edgy around the corners of the videos that are below 24fps. This happens because it is lower than the frame rate that seems "normal" to the human eye. So, it probably seems like the video quality is really poor.

24fps is considered to be the standard frame rate for filmmaking and videography. When you shoot video at 24fps, the video starts to appear clearer and smoother. This frame rate is normal for an eye to perceive the sense of motion.

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Part 3: Common Frame Rate for Video and Its Usage

Let's understand the different varieties of frame rates used in the video production industry:


This is the minimum frame rate you can have while still maintaining the realistic motion. It provides the most optimum visuals for the human eye. As a result, it is the standard frame rate for movies and TV shoots.  Moreover, you can also produce and display a video at 24fps that is shot at higher frame rates. A blurred motion can be experienced if you try to film a busy scene at this frame rate.


Similar to 24fps, it is also considered under the standard frame rate for TV shows and broadcasts. It is still widely used by producers to capture some complicated shots. Providing more frames per second is the main benefit of this frame rate. You can use it to perform vlogging and casual filming.


Frame rates higher than 30fps are used for slow-motion videos or to capture fast-paced motion smoothly. So, this is the best fps for slow motion. It is also the perfect frame rate to record action sports, gaming, and high-motion activities.


120fps is useful for capturing action-packed scenes with crisp motion. High-quality slow-motion videos can be shot using 120fps. Furthermore, 120fps is seen to be used for sports analysis and replays.

Part 3: How to Choose the Best FPS for Video?

No frame rate is best for everyone. It depends on your requirements that decide which one is a suitable option for you. What is best for others may not give the desirable results you need. So, you should keep some points in mind while choosing the Framerates. Let's discuss those factors in the first place:


If you are tight on budget, you should go for the standard FPS that is 24 or 30fps. Because the higher the framerate, the higher will be the processing power and storage. But if budget is not an issue then I would suggest you invest in higher FPS as it provides ultra-high-quality videos. 


When thinking about compatibility, 30fps is the best option to go for. It is the standard frame rate that can fulfill most of the content needs. Moreover, it is compatible with a lot of devices and software.

Style and Purpose

The style and purpose of your video are very important factors that one should consider while opting for a frame rate. If you shoot scenes with minimal motion, 30fps is a great deal. However, if you capture sports or traveling, then you must go for higher frame rates. 

Part 4: FAQs for FPS for Video

1. Which FPS is best for video?

The best FPS for video is dependent on the type of scene you are shooting. If you want to capture cinematic shots, 20fps and 30fps will work best. 60fps and 120fps will help in filming high-quality slow motions and fast action scenes.

2. Is 30 or 60 FPS better for videos?

Both the FPS are a great deal at their place. However, 60fps provides better quality and watching experience when compared with 30fps. 60fps can shoot quick movements as its ‘frames per second’ is higher than 30fps.

3. What FPS do videographers use?

While producing content for Television, it is best to choose 24 or 30fps. This enhances the audience’s viewing experience by providing realistic visuals. This is what people expect from a TV show creator.

4. Which is better 24fps or 30fps?

No doubt, 30fps is better as it allows you to capture extra frames per second to provide perfect cinematic and pleasing shots.


To sum up, knowing the various factors of video frame rate is very crucial and brain-racking at the same time. We hope that we brought you up to speed with this guide. However, when it comes to the quality of the videos, frame rate is not the only thing. You also need a high-end shooting camera with all the decent technology involved in filming high-resolution videos. OBSBOT Tail Air hits the spot with its advanced AI-based technologies. You can also shoot a 4K video at 30fps and 1080p at 60fps.