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Last Updated · December 14, 2023

Find Your Facebook Stream Key: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Have you considered broadcasting your passions and connecting with your audience in real time? Then Facebook Live is your ticket to the stage! But before starting live streaming, one primary step is finding your stream key for Facebook. This step-by-step guide will be your roadmap through the entire process. 

Part 1: How to Find Your Facebook Stream Key

A Facebook stream key is a unique code that allows users to broadcast live video content directly to their Facebook profile, page, or group. It acts like a password, allowing your streaming software to connect to Facebook and broadcast your live stream.

Step 1: Access Facebook Live Producer

Open your web browser and visit Now, log in to your Facebook account if you haven't already.

Step 2: Choose Your Destination

Select the group, profile, or page, where you want to stream to on the left-hand sidebar.

find facebook stream key

Step 3: Start Creating a Live Stream

Hite the "Go Live" button.

facebook stream key go live

Step 4: Access Stream Key Options

Click the "Streaming software" button and you will see the "Stream Key".

Copy the "Stream Key for Facebook Live" to your clipboard or reset it.

access facebook stream key

Part 2: Best Streaming Camera to Level Up Your Streaming Videos

The best-streaming camera to enhance your streaming video is the OBSBOT Tail Air. It is an AI-powered 4K PTZ versatile streaming camera. It offers different features to improve your streaming experience. It brings you a top-notch experience with your streaming. With its remarkable capturing ability, you can have clear and crisp video quality which will be greatly suitable for streaming on any platform.

Key Features:

  • AI Auto Tracking: The camera can track humans, animals, and objects with precision, providing an excellent streaming experience.
  • UHD 4K Resolution: The Tail Air captures video at 4K resolution, ensuring sharp and detailed images.
  • Multi-Cam Setup: The camera is designed to work seamlessly with multiple cameras, allowing for a more immersive and dynamic Facebook streaming experience.
  • NDI Streaming: Experience seamless, high-quality live streaming with the OBSBOT Tail Air's advanced NDI functionality.
  • Intelligent Mobile App: The OBSBOT Start App allows users to control and manage the camera and start a livestream from anywhere.
  • Low Light Performance: The camera has a large 2μm pixel size and an f/1.8 aperture, enabling it to capture bright frames and reveal finer details even in challenging dim environments.

Part 3: Tips for Keeping Your Facebook Stream Key Safe

To keep your Facebook Stream Key safe, follow these tips:

  • Store your Facebook stream key in a secure and private location, away from public access or shared documents.
  • Enable two-factor authentication on your Facebook account to add an extra layer of security, making it more challenging for unauthorized users to hack your account and stream key.
  • Ensure your Facebook account password is strong and updated regularly to reduce the risk of unauthorized access.
  • Regularly change your Stream Key and update it in your streaming software. You can generate a new Facebook live stream key anytime by clicking the "Reset Stream Key" button in Facebook Live Producer.

Final Words

In conclusion, this is the perfect guide to help you get stream key Facebook. The stream key for Facebook Live is essential for seamless live streaming on the platform. The step-by-step tutorial has effectively explained the process of obtaining the obs Facebook live stream key from Facebook Live Producer and the importance of keeping it secure.