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Last Updated · April 03, 2024

Kick Streaming 101: Everything You Need to Know

Kick is nothing but a new competitor in the field of streaming platforms. Challenging Twitch, the Kick streaming provides 95% of the revenue from subscriptions to the streamers. But the Twitch offers only 50% of the revenue from subscriptions to the streamers. Now, new streamers have a good alternative other than YouTube and Twitch for video streaming. This article is here to clear your doubts regarding the kick streaming platform through the FAQ session.

Part 1: Frequently Questions about Kick Streaming

1. What is Kick Streaming?

Launched in 2022, Kick streaming is an appealing live-streaming platform. This platform is getting popular day by day with 153.3 million monthly visitors till June 2024. You can Kick stream your live video content in real time to attract your target audience. On the other hand, viewers can use live chat, subscribe to your channel, post comments, and more. This Kick live-streaming platform is specially made for streamers and gamers where they can enjoy high-quality live streaming. Learn how to stream on Kick.

2. Is Kick Streaming Any Good?

Kick streaming platform is one of the best live streaming platforms for new users. The reason is that it is a new platform that is expanding like a skyrocket in 2024. Being a new player in the market, the Kick live streaming platform is the right place to get your video game streaming experience. As a user, you can connect with the streaming fan community across the world or create your own streams as a streamer.

3. Is Kick Streaming Safe?

According to Kick's community guidelines, this platform is designed to be fun and safe for all. These guidelines help us define which behavior is acceptable and what is inappropriate. Nudity, pornography, and sexual activity are prohibited from live streams and comments. It doesn’t mean that there is no mature or NFSW video content on the Kick new streaming platform. In fact, the Kick streaming platform does not allow the publishing of 18+ content, threats, harassment, or obscene content.

4. What Can You Stream on Kick?

Being a streamer, you can effectively stream on the Kick streaming platform as it has over six key categories to help viewers find easily what they want to watch. 

  1. Games – This category shows current video game streams that range from e-sports tournaments to massively multiplayer online (MMO) games.
  2. Music – It includes live music streams, DJ sets, dance, acoustic streams, and so on.
  3. IRL – This menu shows content on common topics, including cooking, travel, news, podcasts, and ASMR.
  4. Creative – This part includes a huge range of digital art, makers and creators, graphic design, and video production.
  5. Gambling – Casinos and slots are the most well-known streams in this section. Other games are sports betting, poker, table games, etc.
  6. Alternative - Here you can find exceptional content like crypto and trading, just sleeping, and politics and sports.

Bonus: Best Camera for Kick Streaming - Tail Air

You can use OBSBOT Tail Air Streaming Camera which is one of the top streaming cameras. You can use this camera to live a Kick stream and create video content. Enjoy using this camera to record live broadcasts, create content, and conduct live interviews. Moreover, this device supports multiple connection mediums via wired connectivity, wireless connectivity, or NDI support. 

Key Features:

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  • NDI Supported
  • AI Director Grids
  • Gesture Control 2.0
  • Multiple Connections

5. How Do You Get Paid on Kick Streaming?

If you are a streamer on the new streaming platform Kick, you can earn some money by joining the Kick Creator Program. First, you need to have no less than 75 followers and have streamed for approximately 5 hours. After becoming a Kick live stream Creator, from each channel subscription's revenue, you are eligible to receive 95% of the share. 

6. Is Kick Really Paying $16 an Hour?

The new streaming platform Kick has not yet claimed to pay $16 an hour to the streamers who broadcast live content on this platform. However, according to the reports, some streamers are earning $16 per hour on Kick by meeting the below conditions: 

  • Actively interact with the live stream chat.
  • At least stream 4 hours a day and 30 days a month.
  • Your face should be visible throughout the stream.

7. What Percentage Do Kick Streamers Get?

Kick platform streaming holds one of the lowest revenue charges as compared to other streaming platforms. Kick streamers get 95% of the total subscriber income and the platform keeps only 5%. This platform believes in attracting the top creators by offering them a good incentive.

8. Does Kick Streaming Allow NSFW?

Kick platform stream might show some sexually related content. The community norms, however, are roughly the same: fraud, violence, discrimination, drugs, and copyright infringement can all result in sanctions against your content as well as your account. If you do not want to see NSFW content on the Kick platform stream, you can disable it using a toggle. However, if you are a streamer and your content comes under NFSW, you must tag it as 18+ content.

9. How is Kick Different than Twitch?

Kick streams are more creator-friendly than Twitch. Also, it charges a smaller amount from streamers and their guidelines are very clear. It offers fair terms to streamers so that they can make video content with confidence. Even though it somewhat looks similar to Twitch, its internal features are different. Therefore, Kick is a useful and profitable platform for streamers than Twitch. Discover more details about Kick Vs. Twitch.

10. Does Kick Pay Better than Twitch?

Without a doubt, Kick streams get you more profit than Twitch as you can earn 95% revenue of all subscription earnings. Twitch only gives 50% of subscription earnings to the streamers and YouTube only offers 70% of the subscription earnings. Moreover, this platform also allows the streamers to keep 100% of any tips sent by viewers without charging any transfer fee or commission. 

11. How Many Users are on Kick?

The users are less on Kick than on Twitch as it is new to the market. But Kick beta streaming site had over 12 million active users. Still, it cannot compete with Twitch in terms of active users.


In today's scenario, streaming has become very popular as it helps people to share their content and interact with their audience online. There are many streaming platforms available like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and more. Kick is the newest platform which is actively competing with most streaming platforms. Kick live streaming platform is the ideal and convenient streaming site for new content creators.