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Last Updated · May 08, 2024

How to Level Up Fast in Fortnite: Comprehensive Guide

level up fast in fortnite

Fortnite has a huge user base, and players in Solo, Duo, Trio, and Squad compete against each other to rank on top. Still, most players seek how to get easy XP in Fortnite.

No more struggle in boosting your rank in Fortnite. Well, there are easy ways to follow during your day-to-day gameplay to level up your rank faster than ever. From playing along with your friends to surviving longer, various ways give you a fitting answer to how to level up fast in Fortnite. Read the full blog to open up to the way to increase rank fast in Fortnite.

Part 1: 8 Methods to Level Up Fast in Fortnite

Are you frustrated with not being able to rank up fast in Fortnite? No more frustration as you can give it a life with 8 easy methods. Here are 8 quick methods on how to get to level 100 in Fortnite fast:

1. Complete Daily and Weekly Challenges

The most crucial leveling aspect is completing complete daily and weekly challenges to earn massive XP rewards. Each week, challenges come with various options, ranging from weapon damage to scavenging to visiting landmarks. The more efficiently you complete the weekly challenges, you can have the upper hand to level up faster in Fortnite.

Every Tuesday, Fortnite releases the weekly challenges, notifying the users and inviting them to complete the challenge and earn the super rewards. This results in boosting their level faster.

level up fast in fortnite survivor quests

2. Play with Friends

Teaming up with your friends in Duos, Trios, or Squads lets you group your active Daily Quests together. As a result, you can access a range of quests, and your progress helps everyone. This is the perfect method for Fortnite how to level up fast. Teamwork can also help you clear more quests and earn more XP together, making it another effective method for leveling up fast.

3. Land in Hot Spots

There is a high risk of landing in a bustling area, but it can also be advantageous to gain more kills, which results in a faster leveling up. As well as giving you a lot of XP, eliminating other players can also improve your combat skills. Some of the busiest locations in Fortnite include The Underworld, Mount Olympus, and Grim Gate. Don't get wiped out too quickly; be prepared for intense battles.

4. Survival Longer in Matches

The more time you survive in a match, the more XP you gain. A player earns XP for every minute they remain alive, and the longer they stay alive, the more XP they earn. If you play defensively and avoid unnecessary fights, you can survive longer. To stay alive, use healing supplies like bandages and medkits to restore health when you get wounded.

level up fast in fortnite the pit

5. Focus on Objectives

It takes more than shooting and completing quests to earn XP in Fortnite. However, if you aim to complete basic tasks and objectives in every game, it will be easier for you to gain XP. As a result, you will be able to increase your game level more quickly than ever before. You can focus on some of these objectives during the game:

  • Opening as many chests as possible
  • Killing opponents
  • Most importantly, keep reviving teammates

This may not seem like much, but completing these simple objectives will gradually increase your XP level, and you will see your score rise at the end of a challenging battle.

6. Party Assist

Fortnite companions can be teamed up through Duos and Squads via the "Party Assist" system to share quest progress. By designating specific objectives as group efforts, everyone can advance more quickly through levels.

When combating high-number quests such as destroying 30 weapons, party assistance shines. When you level up by competing or coordinating, you get bigger rewards faster.

level up fast in fortnite party assist

7. Purchase Battle Pass

Battle pass purchases can give you access to very good XP amounts exclusive to paid tiers. If you don't have the money, you might be able to use some V-buck that you saved from the previous season.

By purchasing the Battle Pass, you can access more season quests. As a result, completing more challenges in Fortnite will award you more XP, helping you level up faster. Even though paying real money for the game may seem unappealing, it could open up a lot of XP for you. As a result, you can level up fast in Fortnite.

8. Participate in Events

The game frequently organizes events that award extra XP for participation. Taking part in Fortnite events will boost your level. Ensure you monitor the game's social media channels for upcoming event announcements. During the event, many opportunities will be available for earning rewards and improving your game skills.

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Part 2: FAQs about Level Up Fast in Fortnite

Here we have prepared a list of the most common questions and answers that will help you clarify how to get fast levels in Fortnite.

1. What map gives you the most XP?

The Fortnite map with the highest XP yields changes with the season and the current challenge. Generally, players find that places with a lot of loot and frequent encounters, like Salty Springs or Tilted Towers, give more XP.

2. How much XP is it to level 100 in Fortnite?

The average time to reach level 100 in Fortnite is about 7.5 million XP. A change in season or a new event that introduces new challenges may affect XP opportunities. It is possible to earn XP by earning medals, winning matches, and completing challenges.

3. Do you get anything after level 100 in Fortnite?

The more XP you earn in Fortnite, the bigger your seasonal level will be, along with more skins and V-Bucks. The game does not offer any additional rewards after reaching level 100. Progress and rewards are based on seasonal achievements and events.

4. What games on Fortnite give you the most XP?

Most Fortnite XP comes from team-based games like Team Rumble and Battle Labs, which give you more chances to kill, assist, and complete challenges. Moreover, completing weekly challenges and limited-time events is another way to earn XP.

5. What death run gives the most XP?

"The Gauntlet" in Fortnite is the most efficient way to gain XP. As a result of its challenging obstacles and multiple opportunities for elimination, players can earn XP quickly. The faster you complete it, the more XP you gain, making it a popular way to level up quickly.

Final words

Get on to the easy ways how to get fast levels in Fortnite and no more hustling around. These ways will get you right on track. If you miss out on your game streaming and recording, do not forget to get your hands on the OBSBOT Tiny 2 Facecam. This Facecam is the perfect solution for all Fortnite gamers to organize flawless game streaming on the go. No more switches between Facecam for clear streaming. OBSBOT Tiny 2 offers an enhanced game streaming quality with complete clarity.