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Last Updated · February 23, 2024

The Best Video Conferencing Equipment for Business

the best video conferencing equipment

Video conferencing equipment is a collaboration tool for organizing real-time virtual meetings. It includes cameras, microphones, speakers, and remote controllers, among other things. You can place them in a meeting room with a monitor so conference attendees can collaborate with colleagues in another location. Modern implementations may offer one-to-many conferences or collaborations with peers in different places who may communicate and see each other.

If you are just looking for video conferencing equipment for your business? Then you've come to the right place. Keep scrolling as here's a list of the top video conferencing equipment for businesses and private homes.

Must-have Equipment for Video Conferencing

Knowing how to arrange video conference room equipment might help your company run more smoothly and save money. The first step is to have the proper equipment. These are the four most important components of video conferencing equipment.

1. Camera/webcam

In order for you to be seen during a video conference, a webcam is essential. The good thing is that most modern laptops and desktop computers now come standard with built-in cameras. If your laptop lacks it, you should acquire a separate webcam or camera.

2. Microphone

Another conferencing device would be a microphone to ensure that everyone in the video conference can hear you. While most laptops and mobile devices have built-in microphones, you may need to purchase one if you have an older desktop.

Fortunately, many personal headsets (and even regular headphones with a 3.5 mm adapter) will have an external microphone. An omnidirectional microphone will deliver superior sound and recording quality from wherever you have video conferences for customers or big groups of people.

3. Internet connection

Who can deny the importance of the Internet? To ensure that your conference functions successfully, you should have a high-quality internet connection to handle all of the data sent throughout the session. This applies to everyone who joins the conference. If someone has a poor connection, audio and visual delays will occur, lowering the quality of the conversation and affecting every video conferencing unit.

4. Video conferencing software/app

Because video conferencing has grown in popularity, a vital part of video conferencing devices is now a plethora of different software and applications available to hold meetings. The cornerstone of the whole meeting-hosting procedure is video conferencing software. To organize a conference using platforms like RingCentral Video, you have to give out a link. The software will utilize your microphone and camera to create a virtual meeting room.

While free applications enable you to hold basic video conference calls, you may need to look into something more sophisticated if you want a solution with additional capabilities (such as limitless guests). Business and team software often includes digital conference rooms, recording capabilities (so you can share the meeting with others), and encrypted security.

Things to Consider When Choosing Video Conferencing Equipment for Business

Video conferencing allows you to interact with colleagues and business partners all over the globe, chatting with them as if you were in the same room.

So many firms frequently utilize video conferencing that your company will soon be unable to compete without it. However, getting started with video conferencing necessitates selecting the best video conference solution. What platform best fits your requirements? What tools can help you have the most effective and productive meetings? Consider the following factors while selecting video conferencing equipment.

  • Number of Attendees

Will you be on a call with people one-on-one, or do you plan on including your entire boardroom in the meeting? The conferencing equipment necessary to pick up sound and picture effectively for a whole room differs from the "webcam mounted on a monitor" solution. Additionally, consider whether or not you'll be conferencing with one other at a time or with several different parties in different locations simultaneously.

  • Importance of Quality

Do your videoconferences need to seem professional, with crystal clear HD video and sound? Do you need to create an excellent first impression on customers or business partners? Or will you use it for impromptu meetings with staff or freelancers who work remotely? The quality of the video conference audio system is crucial in selecting equipment.

  • Locations of Attendees

You may believe that location is unimportant. Through the Internet, you can communicate with anybody, no matter where they are. However, there are additional factors to consider, like time zones and changes in technological specs, which might have an impact on your conversation.

  • Necessity of Multimedia

Supplemental resources are essential for delivering your point in every business meeting and may range from charts and graphs to pre-made movies incorporated into the presentation. These strategies have become more familiar with the introduction of PowerPoint and Keynote. Unfortunately, aiming the camera toward the projection screen does not provide the same clarity and accuracy as being there. To utilize these extra resources, you need the best video conferencing equipment to incorporate them directly into your video call so that all other participants in the conference can hear what you're saying.

  • Need for Later Playback

Is the material presented in this meeting something you'll want to revisit later? Will you make it accessible to staff or customers for future reference? Of course, you may have someone in the room taking detailed notes, done for ages. However, with the right technology, you can record the video conference, resulting in an entirely accurate record you can save, watch again, share with other participants, or even put on YouTube or your website. If it is a vital feature for you, you'll need to explore conference call equipment that supports it and the best techniques for doing so.

The Best Video Conferencing Equipment for Huddle Rooms/Medium Conference Rooms/Small Businesses

Here are some of the recommended equipment for huddle rooms/medium conference rooms/small businesses.

OBSBOT Tiny 2 AI-powered Webcam

When it comes to webcams, our top recommendation is the OBSBOT Tiny 2 webcam with its innovative AI auto-tracking and auto-framing in 4K resolution.

The following are the advantages of using this webcam:

      • Provides 4K Ultra HD Video Experience: With a 1/1.5" Sony sensor, OBSBOT Tiny 2 can record crystal-clear images with rich details even in low-light situations. Up to 86° field of view, you can see more, see wider.
      • Intelligent AI-powered Auto-framing: Using the ultra-wide FOV camera and powerful AI algorithm, the Auto-framing feature meets the way you enjoy an outstanding video conference experience not only with a single person but also with numerous people.
      • Great HDR Effect: The HDR of the OBSBOT Tiny 2 delivers balanced light, authentic shadow, and precise contour. 
      • Auto Focus & Face Focus: Always keep the focus in the middle of the image. If you turn on the Auto Track feature, Tiny 2 will keep the focus on your face instead.
      • Voice Control and Gesture Control: Control Tiny 2 with voice commands and gestures, offering a more hands-free experience.
      • Adjustable Mounting Angle: The stable magnetic mount gives you additional options for position angles.
      • AI Virtual Backgrounds: The OBSBOT Tiny 2 webcam allows you to blur your background, change your background, or have a green/blue screen background when you're having a video meeting. No additional equipment is required.
      • Comes with a Privacy Cover & Sleep Mode: Provides a simple yet effective way to keep your privacy safe.

The Best Video Conferencing Equipment for Large Rooms

If you're holding a conference with 15 or more people in one room, you probably don't want to risk the delays and hassles that come with technological inefficiencies. Bring out the heavy guns, which means several ceiling microphones and speakers. Here's our video conferencing equipment for large rooms suggestion.

Konftel C20800 Hybrid Video Conferencing Bundle

Konftel C20800 Hybrid is a versatile video collaboration solution, ideally suited for large meeting rooms. It consists of the Konftel Cam20 4K conference camera with a 123° field of view, the Konftel 800 conference phone with OmniSound®, and the Konftel OCC Hub for easy connection. You can easily set it up with just a USB cable to connect the camera, audio, and the room's screen to the collaboration application on your computer.

Konftel C20800 Hybrid

Parlé TCM-X Ceiling

It is an excellent choice for venues accommodating huge audiences. The TCM-X microphone performs similarly to our other beam tracking microphones while mounted to the ceiling in a sleek, inconspicuous style. It actively monitors and intelligently combines discussions from across the table. Consequently, remote participants may participate in the dialogue as if they were in a face-to-face meeting.

Parlé TCM-X Ceiling

FAQs About Video Conferencing Equipment

1. What equipment is used for video conferencing?

      • Speaker
      • Webcam
      • Microphone
      • Internet connection
      • Video conferencing app

2. What is the dissimilarity between room systems and video conferencing equipment?

Conference equipment needs to have a higher level of formality than a room system, which is often less formal. This is because you can hold a conference on a much bigger scale, and it is pre-planned to accommodate the most significant number of attendees. This is often because a conference focuses on a topic or theme different from a meeting room video conference system.

3. How can I set up video conferencing equipment?

      • Connect the video system to the display.
      • Send a meeting invitation with a link.
      • When it's time for your virtual meeting, click on the URL provided.
      • Check the camera as well as the audio input.
      • Participate in the conference call, share what's on your screen, and experience the many advantages of face-to-face interaction.


A video conference is, as you would expect, a conference conducted by video. Teams may utilize video conferencing units instead of voice-only conference call services to engage visually and collaborate in real time. This is particularly handy if your staff is across many states or countries. Instead of paying high international call charges, your team may meet using video conferencing equipment for the office. They need an internet connection.

What distinguishes video conferences is that you can hold them using software that makes it simpler to hold productive sessions. Consider a typical conference room setup: a whiteboard or an employee delivering a presentation. Using a digital whiteboard and integrations, you can duplicate similar scenarios with conference room video systems. It enables your team to share their screens and displays or video themselves using a webcam like OBSBOT Meet 4K.