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Last Updated · November 22, 2023

Vlog Camera Prices: How to Choose The Best Camera

vlog camera price

Vlogging has become super popular, with TikTok blowing up and YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram full of videos. Some cameras are made just for vlogging, while others are like all-in-one tools that can do a lot of stuff, including vlogging. 

But watch out – the prices, what they can do, and how good they are can differ from camera to camera. That's why we've worked on updating our guide on vlog camera prices and also we'll recommend the best vlogging camera under 1000.

So, join us to find the top vlog camera price in 2024 in the below parts.

Part 1: Factors Affecting Vlog Camera Prices

In this part, we will discuss five different camera types, camera brands, key features, and their prices so you have some overview of a camera for vlog price.

Camera Brand Price Range:

Brand OBSBOT Sony Canon Fujifilm Blackmagic
Price Range $149-$600 $500-$6,000 $400-$8,000 $400-$2,500 $1000-$10,000

Camera Types Price Range:

Camera Types DSLR Cameras Mirrorless Cameras Point and Shoot Action Cameras Smartphone Cameras
Price Range start from $500+ start from $500+ start from $100+ start from $100+ $200-$1,000

Key Features You Need to Consider:

  • Impact of resolution (Full HD vs. 4K)
  • Image stabilization options (OIS, IBIS)
  • Autofocus capabilities and tracking systems
  • Audio quality considerations (built-in microphones, external microphone inputs)
  • Battery life and power requirements

Part 2: Best Vlog Camera Under $700 for Beginner Vloggers

We understand that top-tier cameras for filmmaking can be expensive, often beyond the reach of beginners. However, excellent and affordable vlogging cameras under 500 are available that can kickstart your vlogging journey without compromise. This part will present our top pick for budget-friendly vlog cameras.

1. OBSBOT Tail Air

OBSBOT Tail Air is the newly launched upgraded streaming and vlog camera priced under $500. It introduces clarity with its superior optical craftsmanship and lens configuration. Set a new benchmark with its 4K streaming and increased pixel size. You get exceptional low-light video quality while delivering outstanding performance in well-lit environments.

Key Features of OBSBOT Tail Air:

  • 4K Resolution
  • AI Auto Tracking 
  • Low-Light Shooting
  • Gesture Control 2.0
  • Customize image parameters before or during your shooting
  • NDI|HX3 supported

Price: $499

2. OBSBOT Me + SmartPhone

OBSBOT Me isn't just for standalone use; it's an ideal companion for vloggers who want to leverage their smartphones for content creation. Integrate your best smartphone with OBSBOT Me and experience unparalleled convenience, precision, and creative freedom. Capture stunning videos or share candid moments with OBSBOT Me to create content that stands out while making your vlogging journey more engaging.

Key Features of OBSBOT Me:

  • AI Tracking & Auto Framing
  • Gesture Control
  • Adjustable Shooting Angle
  • Foldable design makes it fit in your pocket and captures every move you make
  • Extendable 1/4" Standard Interface

Price: $149

Part 3: Best Vlogging Camera Under $1500 for Mid-Range Vloggers

This section is solely dedicated to intermediate vloggers, i.e., vloggers with some experience who want to upgrade their existing beginner equipment.

Some add-on features make a vlog camera price under 1500, a step, and costlier than the previous list of cameras. For example; articulating or vari-angle LCD for control on unique angle shots, UHD 4K resolution for better pixel details that help while editing, enhanced lens for more sharp shots, and face detection, which is a step above in auto-focus feature and follows you in every scenario more accurately.

Below are the best camera vlog priced under 1500, along with their features and prices.

1. Canon EOS R50

vlog camera price canon eos r50

You can call Canon EOS R50 the best vlogging camera under 1000 as it is priced perfectly on Amazon. Capture the essence of authenticity with the Canon EOS R50, a versatile camera that empowers you to create exceptional content. Bring your creative visions to life with the EOS R50's user-friendly features for content creators.

Key Features of Canon EOS R50:

  • UHD 4K 30p video, oversampled from 6K
  • Instant focus for every shot
  • Compact and lightweight design, perfect for travel shooting
  • The Vari-Angle touchscreen, electronic viewfinder, and ergonomically designed grip ensure complete control and comfort while capturing your creative vision.
  • Connect and share your content with smart devices via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Price: $679.99

2. Canon EOS Rebel T8i

vlog camera price canon eos rebel t8i

Another well-priced best vlogging camera under 1000 is the Canon EOS Rebel T8i on Amazon.
Are you ready to enter the world of powerful interchangeable lens cameras? Look no further than the EOS Rebel T8i – the most advanced addition to the EOS Rebel lineup. Its 24.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor, DIGIC 8 Image Processor, and wide ISO range of 100-25600 (expandable to 51200^) capture images with exceptional resolution and clarity, even in low-lights.

Key Features of Canon EOS Rebel T8i:

  • Fast, Precise Autofocus
  • High-speed Continuous Shooting
  • EOS iTR AF (Face Priority) Technology
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF and Eye Detection
  • 4K video recording at up to 24 frames 
  •  Transfer files, share images, and more with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Price: $899.00

3. Fujifilm X-S10

vlog camera price fujifilm x s10

Fujifilm X-S10 is our final model as a vlogging camera under 1000. Designed for freedom, the compact and lightweight frame of the X-S10 directly adjusts many parameters within the camera. Fujifilm's renowned Film Simulations, cultivated over 85 years of expertise, deliver exquisite depth, saturation, and tonality that require minimal enhancement, allowing your distinct photographic style to shine.

Key Features of Fujifilm X-S10:

  •  4K video capabilities, derived from an original 6K signal, maintain low noise levels
  • Capture cinematic brilliance with DCI format support, embracing a 17:9 aspect ratio
  • Connect and share through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
  • Pop-Up Flash and Viewfinder
  • Swift Control and Touchscreen
  • Auto Focus

Price: $999.95

Part 4: Best Camera for Vlogging More Than $1500 Professional Vloggers

This section will cover the high-end professional cameras that fall above $1500. The camera vlog price under this list will fall between $2000-$5000, a must-buy for pro vloggers with experience.

So, what makes the vlogging camera under 1000 costlier than the others we listed above? Well, let us talk about some advanced features that these high-end cameras offer. The camera vlog price above 1500 brings in extra features like auto framing that offers algorithms and human detection technology, 6K/8K resolution offers more light capture and more pixels for better shots in low lights, a large sensor helps the camera to shine in harsh conditions, and ND Filters that reduce light entering the lens and balance exposure.

1. Sony ZV-E1

vlog camera price sony zv e1

The Sony ZV-E1, the vlogging camera under 5000, blends professional-grade quality with intuitive features. With the power of full-frame 4K 60p image quality, even the dimly lit scenes come to life, allowing limitless creative expression. Embrace the cinematic look with S-CINETONE and Cinematic Vlog profiles while harnessing the magic of 4K 120p slow-motion through a free firmware update inherited from professional cameras.

Key Features of Sony ZV-E1:

  • A.I.-Empowered Focus
  • One touch to blurring backgrounds
  • Empowering Filmmaking
  • Sharing and streaming with mobile phone
  • up to 4K 30p or Full HD 60p
  • Explore diverse angles of view with over 60 full-frame lenses available

Price: $2,989.24

2. Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro

vlog camera price blackmagic pocket cinema camera 6k pro

Experience the next camera for vlogging under 5000, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cam 6K Pro, a powerful tool designed to unleash your creative potential. Built from carbon fiber reinforced polycarbonate composite material, the 6K Pro from Blackmagic offers a professional-grade full-frame 4K 60p image quality that redefines cinematic expression in low light conditions.

Key Features of Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro:

  • The 6144 x 3456 sensor delivers superior image quality
  • Internal Motorized ND Filters
  • HDR LCD Screen
  • Full-size HDMI for HDR and 10-bit clean feeds
  • enhanced audio quality

Price: $2,646.96

Key Features You Need to Consider

1. Camera Types

DSLR Cameras: Classic Versatility

These cameras are super versatile and work well in many situations. They consist of the body that captures the image and a lens you can change. This flexibility lets you get creative with your shots. The viewfinder shows exactly what your photo will look like, and the images are high-quality, and ideal for printing even in larger sizes. DSLRs respond quickly – there's no delay between taking the shot and capturing the image. You can choose from various lenses, giving you plenty of creative options. They offer complete control over settings, and many models provide automatic or semi-automatic modes. Some DSLRs even can shoot high-definition videos.

However, DSLRs are the heaviest among all camera types and might be inconvenient for vloggers who move around a lot or record while traveling.

Mirrorless Cameras: Compact and Powerful

A mirrorless camera offers almost everything a DSLR does but comes in a smaller package and is quieter – there's no loud "click-click!" when you take a photo. It is popular with street photographers who want to capture candid scenes without drawing attention. Mirrorless cameras are compact and lighter than DSLRs. You still have control over settings, including automatic modes, and the image quality is on par with DSLRs. Some mirrorless models even offer high-quality video recording.

However, some models won't let you change lenses, and even with interchangeable lenses, there are fewer options than DSLRs. Some mirrorless cameras lack a viewfinder, relying on the LCD screen for composing vlogs, which can be tricky in bright light. There may be a slight delay between pressing the button and capturing the image, and automatic focus can be less precise than in DSLRs.

Point and Shoot: Easy-to-Carry Snappers

Compact cameras or point-and-shoot cameras, are small and lightweight. They're great for people on the go who want to capture daily life, parties, or vacation moments without carrying a heavy camera bag. While they sacrifice some features for their small size, some models can perform almost as well as DSLRs or mirrorless cameras.

Depending on the model, you might have limited control over settings, and some compact cameras only come with automatic modes. You can't change lenses in most cases, although zooming is usually possible. Compact cameras have become less popular due to smartphone cameras, so consider if you need one alongside your smartphone.

Action Cameras: Capture Adventures with Ease

Action cameras have evolved rapidly, offering great adventure capture options. They're excellent for people on the move or those seeking unique perspectives. These compact cameras are easy to carry and come in various shapes and sizes. They're excellent for capturing action-packed moments. However, their accessories can take up space in your bag. Waterproof housings allow for underwater footage, and mounts help you record scenes hands-free. Prices for action cameras vary based on features and brands.

Smartphone Cameras: Your Pocket Photographer

Many people start with smartphone cameras, which vary in quality based on your phone model. They're convenient and offer automatic editing and sharing. Using a camera phone is fast and easy, ideal for casual photography.

However, their capabilities are limited compared to dedicated cameras. Depending on the phone, you might face challenges in certain lighting conditions. Smartphones can be vlogging cameras under 300 and thus are cost-effective since you already own the device. They're great for social media sharing but might not meet professional needs due to limited settings control and image quality.

Let us see the major camera brands for these types and their price range, which will help you further learn the vlog camera price in the following table.

2. Features and Specifications

Now let us look at some of the primary features and specifications the best camera for vlogging under 10000 has.

Impact of resolution (Full HD vs. 4K)

Resolution quality refers to the number of pixels in an image. Pixels are tiny dots that combine to form a complete picture. More pixels mean more detail and better quality. For instance, "1080p resolution" means 1920x1080 pixels, over 2 million. "4K" is 3840x2160 pixels, over 8 million total, providing sharper images. However, on a 4K screen, Full HD video will stay the same, as screen quality depends on video quality.

Autofocus capabilities and tracking systems

Autofocus is an excellent tech that helps cameras focus on stuff. But not all lenses use it. Cameras got smarter with dual-pixel autofocus, even in cinema. Cameras now track moving things well, like in sports. But sometimes, manual focus is better for tricky scenes. Tracking is when the camera guesses where moving things go, keeping them clear. This helps in fast settings like sports. AI tracking ensures your focus stays on what you want, making pics sharp and good. Just remember, autofocus is awesome but not always perfect.

Image stabilization options (OIS, IBIS)

Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) is an excellent technology used in cameras and smartphones that helps keep your photos from looking shaky. When taking a picture with your device in your hand, OIS stabilizes the camera parts so that your shots look smoother and clearer. It is super helpful, especially in low-light situations or at night. OIS keeps your camera steady for longer, so it can capture more light in darker places. Thus, you get brighter and better-looking photos without a tripod or extra stabilizers.

In-Body Image Stabilization (IBIS) is another excellent camera trick that stops your photos from being blurry. Unlike other stabilization methods, IBIS is built right into the camera body. It works by moving the image sensor inside the camera to counteract any shaking. How does it do this? Well, some sensors detect when the camera moves, and a motor drives the image sensor to keep things steady. Imagine it like a tiny floating platform for the sensor. Some IBIS systems have multiple sensors that move separately for even better stability. IBIS is fantastic because it works with lenses that don't have stabilization. So, even if your lens doesn't help with stability, your camera body does the job. It's like having a steady hand, even if your lens isn't for it. And if your lens does have stabilization, IBIS gives even better results.

Audio quality considerations (built-in microphones, external microphone inputs)

Built-In Microphone: A camera's built-in microphone is like a little sound recorder, perfect for capturing audio close to the camera – like conversations or dialogues. You can even record background sounds or effects to add atmosphere. But remember, the sound quality depends on the microphone's quality, the environment, and how you record.

External Microphone Input: An external microphone input lets you add an external mic to your camera. It takes your audio game up a notch. While built-in mics pick up all sorts of background noise, external ones focus on the sound they're pointing at, reducing unwanted sounds. They're a big improvement over your camera's built-in mic.

Battery life and power requirements

Battery Aging: Lithium-ion batteries, the ones most cameras use, don't like overcharging, deeply drained, or exposed to extreme temperatures. Doing these things can make them age faster. It's best to charge your battery at average room temperature to keep it healthy.

Video Recording Time: How long will your camera battery last while shooting video? Well, it depends. The battery's capacity, your camera model, and the shooting conditions all play a part. On average, camera batteries can go from 30 minutes to a few hours when recording video.

Capacity Counts: The battery's capacity matters a lot. Bigger capacity means longer battery life. For example, a 1000mAh battery might only give you 30 minutes of video, while a 3000mAh battery could last hours.

So, how long your camera battery lasts during video shoots depends on battery capacity, camera model, and shooting conditions. While it varies, battery tech and camera software improvements mean you can capture the moments you want without worrying too much about power.


So, vloggers, now you have a detailed vlog camera price ranging from below $500 to beyond $1500 for high-quality pro models. We listed a detailed table in Part 1 to make your choice easier. Our recommendation, if you are a beginner, is to go for the best vlog camera under 500, which is OBSBOT Me + smartphone. OBSBOT Me, the vlogging phone mount under $300 you can use with your existing smartphone and maximize its features.