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Last Updated · June 26, 2024

8 Best Budget Webcams for Streaming

budget webcam for streaming

Well, streaming is not so difficult these days with access to all the technical aspects easily. But where the issue arises is finding the best high-quality camera as per the particular needs. Whether you are a content creator, streamer, or pro gamer, you must be looking for a professional webcam that comes within your budget. Here, we will be listing down the 8 best budget webcams for streaming. So, keep scrolling and reading until you find the one.

Part 1: What to Look for in a Budget Streaming Webcam?

The best budget webcams for streaming should contain the following:

  • Resolution: 1080p resolution is the sweet spot for most streamers, as it offers a good balance of quality and file size. However, if you are on a tight budget, 720p is still acceptable.
  • Frame rate: A frame rate of 30fps is the minimum for smooth video, but 60fps is better if you want to capture fast-paced action.
  • Field of view: A wider field of view can help you fit more into the frame, but it can also make you look smaller. A field of view of 70-80 degrees is a good choice.
  • Autofocus: Autofocus is essential for keeping the user in focus, especially if they are moving around a lot.
  • Low-light performance: If the user streams in a dimly lit environment, they will need a webcam with good low-light performance.
  • Microphone: A built-in microphone is convenient, but a dedicated microphone will usually provide better sound quality.
  • Software: Some webcams come with software that allows you to adjust settings like brightness, contrast, and white balance.

Part 2: 8 Best Budget Webcams for Streaming

Let's now browse the list of 8 best cheap webcams for streaming, one by one:

1. OBSBOT Tiny 2 Lite

OBSBOT Tiny 2 Lite webcam is number 1 in the list of best budget webcam for streaming. It stands out as the ultimate choice for budget-conscious streamers seeking top-notch quality and advanced features. OBSBOT Tiny 2 Lite is equipped with a 1/2-inch image sensor, providing clear 4k videos for your streaming. 

Price: $179.00

Specifications of OBSBOT Tiny 2 Lite

  • Resolution: Up to 4K@30fps / 1080P@60fps
  • Focus: AF/MF
  • Field of view: (D): 79.4°
  • Microphones: Dual omnidirectional
  • Connection type: USB Type-C to Type-C

Key Features

  • AI auto tracking with auto zoom.
  • Preset modes for presetting PTZ positions and other parameters.
  • Dual-omnidirectional microphone with adjustable noise cancellation.
  • Best low-light performance.

2. Razer Kiyo Pro

The next best webcam that we are adding to the list is Razer Kiyo Pro. The camera enables its users to take professional quality HD streaming and video conferencing. It allows you to capture high-quality footage with much ease. Further, the camera comes with an adjustable light ring that is allowed to be set to a brightness level.

budget webcam for streaming razer kiyo pro

Price: $95.00

Specifications of Razer Kiyo Pro

  • Capture resolution: 1080p
  • Capture speed: 60fps
  • Megapixel: 2.1MP
  • Field of view: 80, 90, 103 degrees
  • In-built Microphone: Yes
  • Focus: Autofocus
  • Microphones: Omnidirectional
  • Connection type: USB A-to-C cable

Key Features

  • The camera enables great low-light and noise performance.
  • It comes with a built-in privacy shutter and mic.
  • It also features an adaptive light sensor, and HDR-enabled, omnidirectional mic.

3. Elgato Facecam

Elgato is the prominent name that should come up when talking about the best webcam for streamers. Its impressive features and stellar video quality make it an unparalleled streaming powerhouse. Both the hardware prowess and software features are the reasons that make it a fascinating choice for streamers.

budget webcam for streaming facecam

Price: $129.9

Specifications of Elgato Facecam

  • Capture resolution: 1080p
  • Capture speed: 60fps
  • Field of view: 82 degrees
  • Focus: Autofocus up to four inches away from the lens
  • Field of view: 90 degrees

Key Features

  • Wide dynamic range and great noise reduction.
  • Best gaming webcams for its quality and uncompressed video output.
  • The auto adjustment feature greatly helps.

4. Logitech StreamCam

Logitech StreamCam is another best webcam that is recommended for streaming purposes. It has a pleasingly unique design and the camera is known for its versatility. It is known to provide irreplaceable raw footage along with great color balance. Also, with the help of Logitech capture software, one can easily adjust face tracking settings, white balance, and exposure as well.

budget webcam for streaming streamcam

Price: $139.99

Specifications of Logitech Streamcam

  • Capture resolution: 1080p
  • Capture speed: 60fps
  • Megapixel: 2.1MP
  • Field of view: 78 degrees
  • In-built Microphone: Yes
  • Focus: Autofocus
  • Field of view: 78-degree
  • Connection type: USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C

Key Features

  • Excellent face tracking and content creation features.
  • Works professionally thereby giving you a quality result.
  • Autofocus and advanced features are provided for better performance.

5. Logitech C920 HD Pro

With the Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam, you can capture videos smoothly. It allows you to enjoy high-quality Skype calls or game streaming in 720p HD. The easy USB connectivity makes it convenient to connect to your device. Whether you are a business professional or an aspiring entrepreneur, this webcam is ideal for presenting demos and showcasing talents. Moreover, with its Wi-Fi video calling feature to create refined and professional-looking content effortlessly.

budget webcam for streaming logitech c920

Price: $59.99

Specifications of Logitech C920 HD Pro

  • Max Resolution: 1080 p/30 fps - 720p/ 30 fps
  • Camera megapixel: 3
  • Focus type: Autofocus
  • Lens type: Glass
  • Built-in mic: Stereo
  • Diagonal field of view (dFoV): 78°

Key Features

  • It comes with dual-MIC stereo audio.
  • Optimal Lighting is a great feature.
  • The camera provides a full HD glass lens.

6. AverMedia Live Streamer Cam 313

AVerMedia's Live Streamer CAM 313 is suitable for podcasting, streaming, and gaming enthusiasts. It excels at capturing and broadcasting content with resolutions up to 1080p and frame rates reaching 60 fps. The camera ensures sharp, high-quality video with fluid motion. Further, it is compatible with both Windows and Mac systems.

budget webcam for streaming avermedia live streamer cam 313

Price: $56.69

Specifications of Logitech C920 HD Pro

  • Type: USB 2.0 FHD Webcam
  • Image sensor: 1/2.7" CMOS sensor, 2MP
  • Video mode: MJPEG and YUY2
  • Focus Method (Lens Type): Fixed focus

Key Features

  • It comes with dual mono mics and a privacy shutter.
  • Flexible clip and tripod attachments are great functionalities.
  • Plug-and-Play via USB 2.0 Type-A.

7. Anker PowerConf C300 Webcam

The Anker PowerConf C300 stands out as a premium high-definition webcam. It delivers professional-grade video quality and a host of features tailored for video conferencing, streaming, and more. With Zoom certification, it meets the latest standards for optimal picture quality, precise color rendering, and clear clarity.

budget webcam for streaming anker powerconf c300 webcam

Price: $99.99

Specifications of Anker PowerConf C300 Webcam

  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Audio technology: Voice Enhancement and Noise Cancellation
  • Focus type: AI-Powered Auto Focus
  • Smart function: AI Image, AI Frame
  • Mic: Dual
  • Adjustable Field of View (FoV): 78°, 90°, 115°

Key Features

  • Utilizes AI technology for face recognition and auto-tracking, keeping you centered during video calls.
  • Includes a privacy cover for the lens to maintain personal privacy when not in use.
  • Offers 4 meeting modes and customizable settings through the Anker Work software.

8. NexiGo StreamCam N930E

The NexiGo N930E StreamCam is a high-quality 1080P webcam featuring a built-in ring light with touch control for 3-level adjustable lighting compensation. With a 75-degree wide-angle lens, it captures true-to-life videos and images at 1080P/30FPS. Additionally, it is equipped with a privacy cover for added security.

budget webcam for streaming nexiGo streamcam n930e

Price: $59.99

Specifications of NexiGo StreamCam N930E

  • Image Sensor: 1/2.7 inch CMOS digital image sensor
  • Active Pixels: 2 Megapixels
  • Maximum Resolution: 1920 x 1080@30fps
  • Video Format: YUY2/MJPG
  • Digital Zoom: No
  • Focus Type: Autofocus
  • Field of View: D=78°, H=67°, V=42°
  • Microphone Type: Full directional noise reduction microphone

Key Features

  • Built-in privacy cover for privacy and peace of mind.
  • Autofocus and auto exposure for effortless clarity.
  • Toggle between three brightness settings using touch controls.


Thus, we have got the list of 8 best budget webcams for streaming. Whatever the purpose of your streaming, buying the best and most professional webcam must be your first demand. We understand the hassle that comes in the path of choosing the finest model as per your needs. With this list, we hope that you might have some clarity to opt for your desired webcam. So, whether you are buying offline or searching online, consider these webcams to achieve a great streaming experience.