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How to Easily Connect a Webcam to a Smart TV for Video Calls?

connect webcam to TV

There has been a shoot-up in the number of individuals all over the globe working from home. It increases the need to discover methods to maintain communication with others. Television is one method used to accomplish this goal. Television, as we know it today, has long since expanded well beyond the capabilities of a simple broadcast program. Because of their ability, you can get online and even talk to your loved ones and friends using several instant messengers, such as Skype and Zoom. However, to have video calls on TV, you have to connect a webcam to a smart TV first.

Most modern smart TVs have an input for connecting a camera, enabling users to use a much larger screen while participating in video calls. Continue to find out precisely how to easily connect a webcam to a smart TV in minutes.

What Do You Need to Prepare?

Look into a few things before connecting your USB camera to the TV. To begin with, you will need to check that the wire connecting your camera to your computer has a USB-A connector. Most cameras will have this connection, but some may have an HDMI connection instead. If they do, you should still be able to use such webcams.

Then, ensure an Internet connection is available on your smart TV to accept an HDMI or USB input. We use a USB input for manually installing software, and you should have it on your smart TV.

The last item to look for is an app on the web camera for TV. When used in conjunction with the linked camera, it will enable you to participate in teleconferences. Even if you can connect the camera to your TV, it won't be useful if its operating system doesn't allow video sending and receiving.

Bonus Tip: The Best 4K PTZ Webcam for Smart TV - OBSBOT Tiny 4K

Here is what makes the OBSBOT Tiny 4K stand out:

  • 4K Ultra HD: The OBSBOT Tiny 4K is equipped with a 1/2.8-inch Sony image sensor, allowing it to record 4K/30 fps and 1080P/60 fps videos. You can enable the Face AE (Face Auto-exposure) feature on OBSBOT TinyCam to have your face sharper and brighter in low-light environments.
  • AI Tracking with Auto-framing: Featured with a powerful AI tracking algorithm, OBSBOT Tiny 4K will track the target smoothly and stably and always keep it focused on the center of the image.
  • Magical Gesture Control: You can easily control the OBSBOT Tiny 4K with two simple gestures.
  • Privacy & Convenience: Simply inclining the OBSBOT Tiny 4K downward will let you effortlessly switch it off. If you forget, you can initiate "Auto Sleep" automatically after thirty seconds, as the tracking target is not locked. Also, the device will then enter "Sleep Mode". You may also manually adjust the detection time, putting an end to any concerns you may have had regarding the disclosure of private information.

How to Hook Your Webcam up to a Smart TV?

In most cases, you should pick and locate the appropriate source or input button to connect a webcam to your television. The most effective strategy is to cycle through all the input sources until you discover the one you need. At that point, the picture will appear on your smart TV screen. Now, all you need to do is configure your video call camera for TV to see yourself on the television screen.

Follow these steps to begin video chatting on your smart TV after ensuring it is connected to the Internet.

Step 1: Connect the camera to your smart TV's empty USB port using a USB cable.

Step 2: Choose the Source or Input button using the TV remote.

Step 3: Cycle through the input sources until your camera appears on your smart TV screen.

Step 4: Adjust your camera to see yourself on your smart TV screen.

Step 5: Follow the on-screen instructions to connect the camera to the Internet.

Step 6: Log in to your favorite streaming provider using your smart TV or an external web device.

To hook the OBSBOT Tiny 4K webcam to your TV, you can use the magnetic mount on the camera. It is adjustable and helps to attach the device to a tripod, a display, or a desktop.

Place OBSBOT Tiny 4K on a TV:

  • After you have opened and mounted the flexible base, you will need to adhere one side of the adhesive to the rear of the TV.
  • Check that the foot on the flexible base sits at the same level as the back of your TV.
  • Install OBSBOT Tiny 4K on your TV completely.
  • Mounting the camera to the edge of the TV is made possible with the OBSBOT Tiny 4K under its base, which has a standard UNC 1/4-20 nut connection.

Tips for Making Video Calls on TV

There are many tips for making a video call on television using a camera. However, we picked the five best that will help you improve your video calls on TV.

1. In video calls, raise your hand.

The first rule of video calls is a simple one. You should devise a formal but simple method for passing the conversation on to the next participant. The discipline required takes some time to master, but the benefits of increased clarity are well worth the effort.

Otherwise, participants struggle to know when to speak. It can feel impolite to interrupt, but if you don't, you may effectively vanish because a two-dimensional image is not the same to our brains as a natural person. Unless remote participants assert themselves from time to time, the other meeting attendees may forget they are present. However, doing so can appear arbitrary, clumsy, or overly aggressive.

It is because taking turns is a largely unconscious aspect of conversing. As we grow older, we learn a variety of winks, blinks, eye rolls, nods, head tilts, and other gestures to help regulate conversations. We gradually extend those to more formal settings in classrooms and workplaces. So, by the time we're adults, most of us can take turns without thinking too hard about it.

2. Before video meetings, provide a plan.

For effective video conversations, prepare a plan, mainly if the meeting will take more than 10 minutes, and stick to it. A meeting agenda allows participants to prepare their contributions, which helps to balance out participation levels. It is beneficial to delegate responsibility for leading an agenda item to other team members rather than keeping it all to oneself. If your remote team meets regularly, rotate who is in charge of putting out a call for agenda items and leading the meeting.

3. All video calls should begin with an audiovisual check.

Because individuals are sometimes too polite to raise communication concerns on their end, you should start with an audiovisual equipment check-in around the participants to identify any local issues that may affect the call, such as timing issues. Remember that your energy levels will vary if you work from various time zones. Most of us have more energy in the morning and less later in the day - but not all of us.

4. To mediate, choose a video call facilitator.

Create a new job, a meeting facilitator, to act as a referee and coach for video conferencing, ensuring that all participants feel heard. The facilitator's job is to maintain track of the conversation at a level that everyone feels comfortable with and to ensure everyone's opinion is heard. If possible, the facilitator may also assist you in summarizing points, comparing people's points of view, noting actions to do, ensuring that the plan is followed, and doing any other work necessary to keep the meeting on track. Next, the facilitator may assist with the health check section.

5. Use a proper camera.

You should use the right camera for your video calls to get the most out of it. Many webcams have poor image quality and tiny viewing areas. If you operate from a mobile location, look for a conference camera with a wider-angle lens, high-quality video and audio, and that is portable.

Some of the best webcams for TV are Logitech StreamCam, Logitech Brio 4K, and our recommended OBSBOT Tiny 4K. These high-end cameras will ensure you have a smooth and successful video call.


There are many reasons to use the best webcam for smart TV. After connecting the camera, you can begin making video calls within a few minutes since the setup should be pretty simple for most people.

It would be best if you did some research beforehand to ensure that you know which app you would like to use with other people. Also, ensure the app is available for your smart TV or gaming console. Connecting the webcam for the Android TV box and starting up should be quick and painless.