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Last Updated · November 28, 2023

The Complete Guide to the Best 4K Webcam

best 4K webcam

Before the epidemic, business executives, streamers, and those with friends and relatives overseas tended to utilize webcams the most. If you need one, your laptop's 720p camera will generally work well. However, video calling services like Zoom, Skype, and others have spread beyond a narrow niche and are now more frequently used. An excellent 4K webcam is thus required if you want to present yourself well at work, school, or during recreation.

With four times the resolution of Full HD, a 4K webcam can provide crystal clear video quality, making it perfect for streaming, video calls, and even video production. Compared to your built-in webcams, which generally provide a somewhat poor image, this will make you seem much more professional. In this article, we are talking about the best 4K webcam. Whether you're a content creator, a business professional, or just looking to up your video chat, it is sure to meet your needs.

What Is 4K Resolution?

4K resolution, also known as Ultra High Definition (UHD), refers to a display resolution of approximately 4,000 pixels across the horizontal axis. Most 4K webcam manufacturers describe 4K resolution as 3840 x 2160 pixels, or 2160p. A 1920 x 1080 picture in Full HD 1080p serves as a comparison. Your 1080p webcam can show approximately four times as many pixels on a 4K screen, which has around 8 million.

Imagine your webcam as a grid with columns and rows. One thousand nine hundred twenty columns wide and one thousand and eighty rows high is the size of a complete HD 1080p picture. The numbers are roughly double in both directions for a 4K picture, resulting in around four times as many pixels overall. Or, to put it an easier way, you could fill a fourth of a 4K screen with every pixel from your 1080p display.

Why Choose a 4K Webcam?

Does having a 4K webcam matter? Absolutely! A 4K webcam can provide many benefits, especially for those who value high-quality video and image capture. Here is why you should get one.

  • Improved video quality: 4K resolution is four times higher than Full HD, which means that a 4K webcam can provide much clearer and more detailed video. This is especially useful if you are using the webcam for professional purposes, such as streaming or video calls with clients.
  • Better image capture: A 4K webcam can capture images with a higher level of detail and clarity, making it ideal for video production or photography.
  • Lossless zoom: Since it has lossless zoom, a 4K webcam is ideal for telemedicine conversations, quality control checks, or video editing. You can zoom in up to five times with little to no picture quality degradation.
  • Future-proofing: As more devices and platforms support 4K resolution, choosing a 4K webcam now will ensure that you are prepared for the future.

But be aware that 4K webcams tend to be more expensive than Full HD models. The issue isn't whether it's superior, however. The problem is if it will accomplish your needs at a reasonable cost.

Curious to know about the best 4K webcam we have been talking about for so long? So, without waiting any more, let us read on.

The Best Budget 4K Webcam for Streaming & Video Conferencing in 2024

So here is one of the most affordable 4K PTZ webcams called OBSBOT Tiny 2. It has an attractive design that makes complex tracking features of the camera possible. The jib arm supports a raised camera with room to tilt up and down to track you. With such a wide range of movement, it can follow you almost anywhere. The camera can be tilted and rotated manually or you can utilize the AI tracking feature. In addition, you can absolutely tilt this best 4K webcam downward to turn it off, which is also a great privacy measure.

Here's what makes the OBSBOT Tiny 2 stand out as the best 4K streaming webcam.

  • HDR-capable 4K Ultra HD: The OBSBOT Tiny 2 has a 1/1.5-inch Sony image sensor and a 4K lens, and it can record movies at 1080p/60 and 4K/30 frames per second. Users can now capture any moment with the detailed clarity and authentic color tones it merits. Additionally, you may use the OBSBOT webcam's beauty mode to have a sharper, brighter face, even in dim lighting.
  • Intelligent Auto Focus & Auto-framing: The OBSBOT Tiny 2's autofocus feature uses a powerful artificial intelligence algorithm to keep the focus in the center of the image. In addition, the new Face Focus option automatically modifies the bokeh effect to emphasize the sharpness and brightness of the face.
  • Magical Gesture Control: Two easy gestures are all it takes to operate the OBSBOT 2.
  • Voice Control: With this function, you can change preset position, zoom in/out, etc with voice command.
  • Privacy & Practicality: You can quickly turn it off by tilting the OBSBOT Tiny 2 down. If you forget, the device will enter "Sleep Mode" and activate Auto Sleep after 30 seconds without locking the tracking target. You no longer need to worry about personal information escaping since you can manually select the detecting time.

FAQs About 4K Webcams

1. Is it worth getting a 4K webcam?

A top 4K webcam is helpful if you capture films locally for later upload or broadcast in Ultra HD because it can zoom in on specific areas without losing too much detail. If you want to zoom close on an actual item or your face without losing too much information, 4K is better than a standard 1080p model. Additionally, a 4K camera performs far better in low light than a 1080p camera. It also has some inbuilt audio compression and noise suppression, which help during video conferences.

2. Does a 4K webcam use more bandwidth?

Given that it contains four times pixels as a 1080p movie, 4K video may be quite demanding on any network. This is particularly true for live broadcasting, where you want steady and uninterrupted bandwidth. Therefore, bandwidth is one of the main issues with utilizing the best HDR webcam. A 4K camera can use between 23 and 35 MB of bandwidth.

3. Who needs a 4K webcam?

Although 4K cameras are now in demand, do you need one? A growing number of individuals ask whether a webcam is ideal for online meetings as more and more individuals choose to work from home. The best 4K PC camera might be necessary for a content creator who demands the highest quality capture. Such webcams have many positive aspects, but only some individuals need one.

A 1080p camera should be sufficient if you use it for Microsoft Teams, Zoom calls, or internet streaming. However, if you've decided to purchase a 4K webcam, we suggest the OBSBOT Tiny 2 as it offers the most features for the money. It provides recording in 4K at 30 frames per sec, 1080p at 30 frames per sec, and 720p at 90 frames per second. Additionally, it supports HDR for accurate colors and offers various field-of-view options.


The majority of modern homes and offices now need webcams. Nowadays, people often use them to communicate with their loved ones, while work-from-home or hybrid professionals utilize them to conduct business meetings with coworkers, customers, and other parties. Therefore, buying a top 4k webcam that produces high-quality images is just as crucial as having one.

Fortunately, there are cheaper 4k webcams than ever, thanks to the OBSBOT Tiny 2. So much so that it's simpler than ever to locate the best affordable webcams, with prices for 1080p and even 4K alternatives rapidly falling. It makes sense to update to the best 4k webcam for streaming as it won't cost you much, even if you already have one of the best all-in-one PCs or the best laptops, which come with their cameras.